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Filosophie started when my friend Sophie and Filo decided to start writing some beauty reviews. A mutual friend pointed out that their names combined was, Filosophie. And thus, Filosophie was born.

Sophie shortly moved on to other things and I stuck around because I'm a blogger at heart! You'll see Sophie around commenting -we're still friends!- and her old posts are still active as well.

Onto Filo (also written as Feelo)! A working makeup artist who loves social media and blogging, so it's natural she'd have her own site. She has been blogging since she was in elementary school, and finds it therapeutic. Recently (2015) started youtube and loves every second of it. Filosophie has been up since 2011 and Feelo is happy that she's been able to meet (virtually or not) so many wonderful people. Her mission is to continue blogging and trying her best to bring things people want to read and see!

Any business inquires can be sent to missfeelo@filosophie.net.

My foundation colour matches are (neutral-cool/ yellow undertones) :

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