Ways To Save Money While Christmas Shopping

Friday, November 04, 2016

Christmas is seven weeks again. DON'T HURT ME. I know, I know, you don't want to think about it but it's coming up.  I'm a big online shopper and also am big on SAVINGS! So here are my tips on how to save money, find the cheapest/inexpensive price for what you're looking for. I've already started my Christmas shopping... that's a tip for you, start early! Spread out the spending so you're not going so over budget.

EBATES / Canada, US

Save money and get cash back with ebates!

If you haven't heard of ebates yet.. where have you been?! I've been using ebates for years and can confirm it's a legitimate company. The basic jist is that you get paid to shop. They offer cash back of varying percentages and stores. Sephora.ca/ Sephora.com is often 4-8% off (ladies, hello!). They offer a large selection of stores from Staples, Amazon, Chapters, Groupon and Gap! Might as well earn money back if you're going to be spending it anyway!

You earn a percentage of what you buy certain times throughout the year. I get my money sent to PayPal. Usually I just use this as an except to shop more though... ah the cycle continues.


Get price tracking with Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel is a price tracking site for Amazon. You can enter the URL of the product you would like to buy (or alternatively just search it up on their website). It then shows you a nifty graph charting the prices over the year. It lists the last five price changes and you can also view items sold solely from Amazon or from 3rd party partners. AWESOME!

Sign up for an account and then get email alerts once it hits a price you're willing to buy for.

HONEY (Browser Extension) / Chrome, Firefox

Save money, find discounts and coupons with Honey

Honey is a recent addition for me that I LOVE. It's a Chrome extension that searches for coupon/ discount codes FOR YOU! Less work for you! The best part is that it automatically attempts to input the codes it finds during checkout to save you money! If you have a code, then you can send it to them so others can save as well!

Gift Card Swap  / Canada

Save money, get points and buy gift cards online

Gift Card Swap is exactly how it sounds -- buy gift cards from them and get "SwapPoints" which you can use towards the purchase of gift cards when you receive a set amount (the site buys it from people, you can earn ~92% face value for selling it to them so an extra way to make some money!). It's guaranteed. You can earn cash back (use it in conjunction with ebates!) and get a gift card at a discounted rate!

GCs get you different amounts of SwapPoints, for example, a $100 Esso card would get me 500 SwapPoints. 1,000 SwapPoints = $10 CAD

I've noticed that Christmas has definitely become more about the amount of money you're spending on gifts rather than the thought. You can spend $1000 on me, you can spend $100 on me, I could care less about the amount but the amount of thought put into it really makes a difference. I wish you well in shopping and I hope you guys are able to find a thoughtful gift for whoever you're shopping for. :)

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What tips do you have? I'd love to know your secret tips and tricks!

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