Sibu Beauty: Sea Berry Seed Oil REVIEW!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Seed Oil
Excuse the label, it's been manhandled from use. ;)

Today I'll be reviewing another Sibu Beauty product, this time an oil for your face. Oil lovers, unite! I had a love/hate relationship with oils for a while before realizing there are oils for any skin type, you should have to do your research to find what suits your skin best. Sibu's Sea Berry Seed oil (also known as sea buckthorn) is great for most skin types and is best for anti-aging and has great calming and regenerative skin benefits!

I use about two drops for my face as the last step in my routine and it absorbs quickly. It is not the lightest oil I own and I suspect this would be better for less humid days, or on its own without any other steps in your skincare routine (I'm a skincare junkie and love having an intricate routine!).

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Seed Oil
The oil is a light orange colour that doesn't leave a tint on my face, the more you use the more orange you would see I imagine. Some of the benefits of Sea Berry oil are the restorative properties, it is said to be great for rosacea, redness and overall calming of the skin. I am not a a rosacea sufferer but I do have acne/PIH that I'm treating and I can safely say this did NOT break me out.

Sibu Beauty Sea Berry Seed Oil
I believe this oil is great for dry, normal and combo skin types but may be a bit much for oily skin types.

Sibu Beauty is PETA recognized and organic certified. Always a plus in my books!

Ingredients: 100% Pure Seed Berry Oil
For reference my skin type is combo/oily - dehydrated.

Product sells in both 10mL and 30mL bottles for $19.95-$39.95CAD respectively over at Sibu Beauty.

Product is c/o of Sibu Beauty.

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