Addicted To Nail Polish? Check Out These 2 Inexpensive Finds!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A mini review and swatch of THEFACESHOP's Face It and Gel Touch Nail Polish! I would like to blame my friend Anastasia for my recent Face Shop purchases. I've gotten a number of polishes from them.. they're so inexpensive! I've also grown fond of doing my nails. Funny since when I first started blogging I used to be really into nail art and was pretty good at it if I do say so myself.

The Face Shop's Face It & Gel Touch Nails

These are just two from a recent purchase. I ran out of my black polish and I can't say no to anything sparkly...

The Face Shop Face It BL610 

The Face Shop's Face It

This is a beautifully sparkly blue colour, It's a mixture of blue and silver and applies nicely. It lasts longer than my solid colour polishes (as well as the Gel Touch Nails). The picture below is with one layer, a second layer has the perfect amount of opaqueness but I wanted to show just how nice only one layer actually applies.

The Face Shop's Face It & Gel Touch Nails Swatch

This is probably one of my favourite polishes I have. I just love how it looks! It'd be a great New Years Eve addition! I decided to use a black contrast nail on my index finger using the Gel Polish.

Gel Touch Nails BK902

The Face Shop's Face It Gel Touch Nails BK902

One coat is enough, applies SO beautifully and evenly. Even without a top coat this stuff has a beautiful sheen to it. This is supposed to last longer than regular nail polishes however that wasn't the case for me. Within a few days I did notice a number of chips. Though I will add I use and wash my hands often so anything that's not shellac doesn't last too long.

Gel Touch was $7 and Face It (regular) is $3. I bought these on sale though. ;)

What colour are you currently rocking on your nails?

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