Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation, Is It Really All Day Lasting?? Review + Comparison to MUFE's Mat Velvet!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation

There had been a number of humid days where I live this summer and I wanted to try out a matte finish foundation. I rarely opt for a matte finish however I was feeling a little spunky and wanted to try something new.

It wasn't the easiest thing finding a matte finish BB Cream/Asian foundation so my list wasn't very long. I opted for this since the colour looked the nicest but it also seemed to have good coverage.

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation

PACKAGING: It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a push-down squirt topper and a plastic, removable protector top. Love this packing! It's hygienic, you can easily see how much of the product  you can get out and it's a simple, clean design. The downsides are that it'll be harder to get the last remaining products when you have little left.

COLOUR/FORMULA: I got this in shade (1) light beige and it is a yellow based colour. It has an airy, liquid consistency that's easy to both blend and buff. I generally use this with a damp sponge so that it's a little less matte (hey, I'm still used to wearing dewy finishes!). Coverage is GREAT. This is truly a medium-full coverage that's absolutely buildable. I generally do not need to wear under eye concealer if I reach for this one. This is not a drying formula. I had a preconceived notion that matte = drying and that simply isn't true. I do well moisturize and prime (not for long lasting) before hand. No ingredients listed.

Here are before and after screen caps from a video tutorial.

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation
Before application, translucent primer used.
Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation after
One layer + spot treatment blended with Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

DOES IT LAST?: Unfortunately by the time I got this the humidity had left so this has been tested during warm but not hot days. I've worn it to work and leisurely and have found that it is a long lasting foundation. HOWEVER, ALL DAY lasting? Nope. I've yet to try a foundation last "all day". This lasts ~6-7 hrs on me. I tested it both with and without primer and found that I'll get a little bit of extra wear with primer but not enough to make a big difference.'

Do primers confuse you? You  may want to check out my Primer 101 post!

OVERALL: I like it and will definitely repurchase. It matches my skin nicely, feels nice to wear and I like that it's not completely matte like other similar products on the market. It's more silky than matte. I also like how easy it is to blend and has good coverage on my not-so-nice skin days.

The best part is when this product finally arrived.. I had gotten Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet during IMATS. Obviously I compared the two!

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation vs. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+
PRICE: Make Up For Evers Mat Velvet+ runs for $44CAD for 1.01oz, Aritaum's All Day Lasting Foundation is sold for $17.33CAD (sale price), original $20.48CAD from for 1.3 oz.

PACKAGING: MUFE's comes in a squeeze tube and twist off lid whereas Aritaum's comes in a frosted glass bottle and a push down squirt topper. MUFE's is lighter and smaller making it easier to carry/travel around with.

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation vs. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

COLOUR/FORMULA: MUFE's has a more beige undertone while Aritaum's is yellow. MUFE's formula is a little thicker while Aritaum's is more liquid-y and lighter. The shades are All Day Lasting Foundation in (1) Light Beige and Mat Velvet+ in 30 (Porcelain). They both last relatively the same amount of time (6~8 hours) but I can usually get A BIT more wear time out of MUFE's. All Day Lasting Foundation is medium-full coverage whereas Mat Velvet+ is full coverage. Mat Velvet+ is more matte than All Day Lasting Foundation. They both blend nicely.

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation vs. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ swatch

Aritaum All Day Lasting Foundation vs. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

How does Aritaum's All Day Lasting Foundation compare to Make Up For Ever's Mat Velvet+? 

Pretty damn good! Colour wise it's completely off (with Aritaum only offering 2 shades while Mat Velvet+ comes in 21 shades). I found that they both lasted quite a long time and felt nice to wear on the skin. However, Mat Velvet+ is a bit more matte, and has more coverage. That being said, I think for the price (All Day Lasting Foundation is about half the price of Mat Velvet+!) it is a great, alternative.

Buy Mat Velvet+ HERE and All Day Lasting Foundation HERE.

Here is one of my Halloween makeup tutorials where I used All Day Lasting Foundation:

What do you guys think? Have you tried this or other matte finish AB foundations?

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