Removing WATERPROOF Makeup!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hey guys!

I LOVE waterproof makeup! Why is that? Chances are it's going to last a long longer than your average joe product (not always, but a good portion of the time). However, at IMATs last year one lady was having a hard time picking which mascara to choose, regular or waterproof. I always suggest waterproof mascara when available because it holds a curl better and the chances of fallout are less. She, however, was having such a hard time because she believed it was hard to remove waterproof makeup. Her friend and I both chimed in at the same time and said --OILS!

YES! Oils are the best, in my opinion, at taking off waterproof makeup because the breakdown the ingredients that leave such a tight hold on your skin.

There are a few different methods to removing waterproof makeup and I hope to outline them here. I own all, and have tested all the products listed below. For reference to any personal experiences with these, I have combo/dehydrated skin.


This is one of my favourites because I always have olive oil in my house. I may not use the super expensive oil on my face (and sometimes I do, but don't tell the rest of my house) but even the cheaper olive oil is great at removing eye makeup.

METHOD: Same as Vaseline, fingers or cotton pad.
Recommended Area: Face/eyes/lips
Price: Varies ~$10CAD+

TIP! Place some oils where ever you'd like to remove your makeup, massage, wait a few seconds then massage again. They need some time to really dig deep and get the gunk out. Cleansing, unfortunately, doesn't take just a few seconds. I was once told to sing happy birthday to myself 3x and that's the length of cleansing I should do.

OCM (Oil Cleansing Method):
If you're not familiar with the OCM guide, get reading! It's basically a concoction of oils, generally caster oil, olive oil (with the freedom to mix to your needs). I won't list the types of oils and their benefits, that's a whole different post, however the OCM guide is a great resource. Here are some other links of interest:

Garden of Wisdom has listed benefits and shelf life of many of the oils that they sell.
Nonsonoquitter has a post about certain oils (which subsequently made me go out and buy some. haha)
Crunch Betty has a good write down, although I personally don't agree with everything written (namely about olive oil) it's an informative post.

My personal favourite additions are jojoba, grapeseed, apricot and camellia oil. I've tried many, many, MANY oils. Some works, some didn't, but I'm glad I've tried everything. I also use these oils as a last step in my nighttime moisturizing routine at times.

It's easy to make yourself and an amazing makeup cleanser imo. I've been using oil cleansers for around ten years now! Wow!

METHOD: Massage oils with fingers all over face then with a warm/hot towel, place on top of your face to let your pores open and release the bad stuff. Then gently remove the oil.
Recommended Area: Face/eyes/lips
Price: Varies, depends on the oils you use. If you got a large bottle of caster oil and olive oil, it could be ~$20CAD but this will last you a while.

TIP!: Using oils is great but can leave a residue. If you notice that you still feel greasy after removing your makeup, try a double cleanse. Use an oil cleanser to remove makeup, then a regular cleanser to cleanser your skin.

There are many benefits to using oils on your skin, I understand how scary it can be (oils on my skin, no!) but if you think about it, what's best at removing oils than other oils?? It can be a long journey finding which oils work best for you and they're definitely not the only product on the market to do its job but they're a staple for me.


The Body Shop Chamomile Oil Cleanser

The Body Shop Chamomile Oil Cleanser: I've written about this before and am still using it. I've become a bit too lazy to make my own OCM and I find this store bought version works the best for me (helps that they're frequently on sale too!).

METHOD: Fingers
Recommended Area: Face/eyes/lips
Price: $16CAD but often on sale

 Make Up For Ever Sens'eyes

Make Up For Ever Sens'eyes: Make Up For Ever has a whole waterproof line (anything with the name aqua before it) so of course they have a great makeup remover. This one in particular is for sensitive eyes. I've given samples of this to my friends who have all becomes huge fans of it, I don't use it as often because I'm a one shot kind of gal and typically use something all over my face and leave it at that.

METHOD: Fingers/cotton pad
Recommended Area: Eyes
Price: $28CAD

A.H.C Climax Foam Cleanser

A.H.C Climax Foam Cleanser: I got this from a Memebox and didn't use it for months and then randomly wanted to try it out. I patted my face with water first and it didn't take my makeup off so I was really confused. After some researching and finding this youtube video instructions via Fanserviced-b, I realized I was doing it all wrong!

METHOD: Squeeze a bit into your palms, rub till it lathers up then massage onto your dry face. When the lather dies down, splash your face with water and massage a bit more, continuing splashing your face until the soap is gone.
Recommended Area: Whole face
Price: $15.39 USD at KoreaDepart

Scinic Lip & Eye Remover

Scinic Lip & Eye Remover: This is one of the first Korean makeup removers I tried. I can't remember why I chose this brand, probably because it looked luxurious at the time. lol It takes off makeup quite well but I've exclusively used it on my eyes.

METHOD: Press a cotton pad at the tip so the product disposes, then cleanser away!
Recommended Area: Eyes & lips
Price: $10.10 USD at

What are your favourite cleansers?

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