One Ticket To The Circus "Freak" Show!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The company I work for had a really fun makeup competition this month. Sadly, I didn't make the deadline. For no good excuse, I had little time to prepare and plan and I felt that my entry fell short, I didn't enter but I didn't hate what I created either. I'm posting it here to show all of you! CCW, of course. ;)

I have a drawer full of wigs and I am happy for it (thanking my "younger" cosplaying self) I chose the "sweetest" colours I had and went to town. I wanted to go a little clown inspired but not totally. I knew I wanted to do some sort of conjoined/Siamese twin route because I didn't think that would be a difficult thing to photoshop.

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Here is my failed attempt at aeygo

Basically bbuing bbuing is a Korean... sound effect???? It's hard to describe but they have aegyo which just means an act when you're trying to be cute.. in a whiny sort of way. IDK. I'm learning Korean and aegyo just appeals to me. lol

In Heechul's words... "I'm crazy".

Products used:
Ben Nye Cream Foundation in "White"
Ben Nye Lumiere Eyeshadow
Urban Decay's Electric Palette
Darling Girl Cosmetics
MUFE artist shadows (older formula)
City Color Lipstick in "Flamingo"

I had some conflicting views about this because I hate the idea of the tradition sense of a circus freakshow. To make it into a positive, it's something that today we can celebrate. We are all different and that's a great thing!

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