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Monday, July 27, 2015

There is a The Face Shop store near my workplace. It is very deadly as I'm constantly popping in and buying stuff but hey, I love it! Here's my latest haul from them.

The Face Shop

This post features:

  1. LOVELY ME:EX YOU & EYES "Party All Night" Eyeshadow
  4. Premium Eyelash Curler
LOVELY ME:EX YOU & EYES "Party All Night" Eyeshadow

I have a thing for purples and greens and I almost always end up choosing those colours in makeup. I have a theory it's because my eyes are green and these colours make them stand out more, but they're always high on my favourite colour list so...

The Face Shop says:
The new Lovely Me:ex eyes has been transformed into a whole new look
Comes with new funky and smoky colors, it perfectly adheres to the lids with no flying powder that gives long lasting makeup results
Indulge yourself with a new selection of Lovely ME:EX YOU & EYES!
Extra-strong base that well adheres to your lids with no flying powder gives long lasting makeup results

The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX YOU & EYES "Party All Night" Eyeshadow Sand Brown and Authentic Green
05 Sand Brown - 06 Authentic Green
COLOUR/FORMULA: Beautiful colours, I bought them for a reason. Sand brown is a peachy-nude colour with specks of glitter in there. Pictures don't do it much justice as you really need to see the light reflecting against the glitter to see how beautiful it shimmers. This however leads to one of its downfalls, because of the glitter there is MAJOR fall out. I highly recommend doing your eyes first and face after if you plan on using this. Sand brown feels super buttery to touch and blends easily however you do lose some of the glitter in the process.

Authentic Green on the other hand has little-to-no fallout. It's a beautiful, cool toned deep green. It has a shimmer finish but it does not contain any glitter. The texture of this one isn't as soft, almost gritty but I didn't have any trouble blending it.

The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX YOU & EYES "Party All Night" Eyeshadow Sand Brown and Authentic Green Swatch

PIGMENTATION: Both are very pigmented. Swatches shown as from my finger however my brushes easily pick up the pigments from these.

STAYING POWER: I always wear an eye primer underneath as I believe it helps with colour, blendability and just general awesomeness, so that being said these have great staying power.

The Face Shop LOVELY ME:EX YOU & EYES "Party All Night" Eyeshadow Sand Brown and Authentic Green with orange syrup blusher

PACKAGING: It comes in a clear case with a cute moustache on the cover. It looks cheap but it holds together well. The plus side to clear packaging is that you can easily see the product. Also, it may have some "Engrish" on it, "Today's All Night Party" haha it makes sense but.. just not a natural thing to say.
Here's a gif from a video I attempted. It was for lenses but they were so uncomfortable that I couldn't finish the video and I ended up crying some of my makeup off. lol Since this is from one of my earlier videos the colour is a little distorted as i hadn't figured out the proper setting yet but I hope it'll help!

PRICE: I got these on discount and forgot how much I paid but I believe they're <$10CAD


This was an impulse buy. I have been craving a new blusher for the longest time, specifically a shimmery cool toned pink but am  having the hardest time! They didn't have a pink but they did have this beautiful orange colour. 

The Face Shop LOVELY MEEX YOU&FACE BLUSHER in orange syrup

COLOUR/FORMULA: I got this blush in shade '08 Orange Syrup', it's a warm toned orange shade with gold shimmer. It's very soft to touch and blends nicely on my cheeks. There is quite a bit of shimmer to this so I would recommend not using a highlight as this gives you a natural one already (unless of course you're going for SUPER DISCO BALL shine, then go for it!).

STAYING POWER: Unfortunately I didn't see this last too long. <4 hours of wear time alone. I found that tapping some HD powder on top gave it some extra staying power.

The Face Shop LOVELY MEEX YOU&FACE BLUSHER in orange syrup swatch

PIGMENTATION: It has great pigmentation. I swirl my brush around once and it's enough for me but if you want more of the orange to show, it's absolutely buildable.

PACKGING: The same as the eyeshadows.

PRICE: <$10CAD, was purchased on sale


I bought these guys because one of the workers had this lovely purple liner on and I fell in love.


The Face Shop says:
A waterproof color gel eyeliner that creates intense and edgy eyes like Korean pop stars with perfect waterproofing, fascinating colors, and glamorous pearly effects.

1. Features
A perfect combination of gel and pencil eyeliner
- Easy-to-use & carry eyeliner with long lasting effects and
creamy gel texture

Creates intense and edgy eyes with Rubber Spoon tip brush
"2 in 1" eyeliner A smart eyeliner that can be used as an eye shadow as well as an eyeliner
Maximum resistance against water, sweat, and smearing
LOVELY ME:EX MAKE ME STAR WATERPROOF GEL LINER in disco purple and peach swatch

PIGMENTATION/FORMULA: I bought these in shades, 'disco purple' and 'peach'. They are both INCREDIBLY pigmented. One swipe is all you need. The are creamy and easy to blend. I love the formula! As a bonus these guys are waterproof and I decided to test them out, they delivered! After putting my hand under running water and rubbing it there was no budge!! YES!

LOVELY ME:EX MAKE ME STAR WATERPROOF GEL LINER in disco purple and peach waterproof test
Top photo is after water, bottom photo is after attempting to rub it off.
STAYING POWER: On my lids, these guys don't move however if I wear them all day I'll notice the corners of my eyes a bit smudged. I've yet to find anything (aqua seal helps!) that doesn't do that. This is without setting them with powder so I'm still impressed. As a liner, these are great staying power as well, not as long as on the lid but still notable.

LOVELY ME:EX MAKE ME STAR WATERPROOF GEL LINER in disco purple and peach end tip

PACKAGING: They come in a nice, sleek black pencil shape and the end tip as this smooth, curved raised centre. I LOVE THIS THING! This was such a great idea whoever thought of it. Not only is it each to smudge out you can easily create a cat eye with this!

Premium Eyelash Curler

I go through curlers quite often because I end up losing the extra sponge insets (is that what they're even called?) so I decided to try this as it wasn't too expensive.

I didn't get any extra inserts in the box but I see that some others did. ;( What's that about?!

The Face Shop Premium Eyelash Curler

Anyway, it's a beautiful gold plated curler with The Face Shop embossed on the front, unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo since the light kept reflecting at the front curve thanks to Mr. Sun. These fit my eyes nicely but not the best I've tried. It feel comfortable to hold as well. I do like it quiet a lot though. I've been using this in my kit and so I end up cleaning it/spraying it with alcohol often to sanitize it which has lead the the gold plating coming off.

I wonder if there is a difference between this and their regular lash curler. Anyone out they try both? I'm likely going to buy the other one, maybe I'll compare them!

PRICE: This was $5CAD

What are some of your favourite The Face Shop products?

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