Canadian/Korean/Japanese Gift Swap! Trying Green Tea Kit Kats for the First Time!!!

Monday, February 09, 2015

Aaand the video is up!!! You know what that means right?

NO PUNISHMENTS! I'm not even sorry.

Although I admit, the ones I got seemed pretty fun to do. So, here is an unboxing video of a gift Sam from Colour Crush sent me! We've been friends since I started blogging and she's someone I've consistently kept in contact with even during my hiatus. She's a wonderful blogger and does a lot of really amazing reviews so you should definitely check her out!

and for your easy viewing pleasure, this is her video! I got green tea kit kats and ALL THE HYPE I'VE HEARD ABOUT THEM ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Like, I actually ate them all while filming this.. and now I'm sad... but then I remember I can actually buy them here too! ;)

I had a lot of fun putting this together, I really enjoy buying gifts for friends! I definitely need to learn some packing skills from Sam though. Also that you should always tape your post-its to the item BECAUSE THE WILL NOT STICK AFTER TRANSIT! ><

So enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and of course, SUBSCRIBE!!!

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