2015 Nail Art Trends

Saturday, February 07, 2015

I have an on-again-off-again love relationship with nail art. I love, love, love nail design and having nice pretty nails but I'm always pretty fuss free and can't be bothered to clean up polish or chipped nails. TY shellac/gel because you really make things easier on me.

Recently (thanks to EatYourKimchi.com's Martina doing a post on her fantastic nail artist, Sunny) I've follow back in love. I've been looking into doing my own acrylics because... well why not? I'm not terrible at nail art and liked the designs I used to make back in the day. I was highly influenced by Japanese nail art so they were different than what you'd see in N.America (think jewels, lots of them!!) but those trends are kind of trickling in. Anyway, we'll see how it goes. I'm still doing more research and have only purchased some new gel polishes that I'm excited to try out and review!

Here are some spring nail trends that I'm very into done by some awesome Instagramers!

  • Simplistic (Crystal) Studs/Dots

  • Half Moon and Variations of

  • A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mnails) on

    A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on
    A photo posted by Kimmie Kyees (@kimmiekyees) on

    A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

  • Side Swoop

  • A photo posted by Madeline Poole (@mpnails) on

    Cosmopolitan "side-sloped slate gray design at Angel Sanchez"

  • Linear/Block Designs

  • So these are a few of my favourite trending looks, what are yours? I'll definitely be posting nail art on my Facebook page and maybe Instagram once I start going at it again. ;)

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