My Promise: VIDEO DEADLINE!!! Becoming a Youtuber

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I've always wanted to get into Youtube. Ever since I started blogging. Well, rather ever since I started blogging for beauty purposes (I've been a blogger since elementary school... oh, if only I could find my old Sailor Moon dedicated websites). Anyway, last year I decided to upgrade my camera. Then I decided to buy studio lights. I told myself the cost would be worth it because not only could I take better photos and have a mini studio set up but, I could finally record videos!

I never recorded any videos.


I am a perfectionist. I want things to be perfect. I don't want to be just another beauty guru, I want to be different. In such a saturated niche I found it difficult thinking how I would separate myself from the rest of the crowd. There are some amazing youtubers out there!

I just decided I would stop comparing myself, pulling myself down because I even start. I am going to film videos that *I* like. I am going to film videos that my friends want to see. I am going to film videos that my clients, my customers, my coworkers, my family and friends always ask me. I am going to film for you!

That's my promise. And I have a deadline!!!!! THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY. If not, I get punishments. FEEL FREE to comment below any punishments and I will post proof. Every week that I don't post, I'll have to do something. I did this on my Facebook and got some interesting results. BUT I am determined to beat this deadline!!!!

I have recorded a bunch and although they're not perfect, I'm finding my way. I'm still learning and I will get to a place that I love. SO, here is a little preview on some of the videos I've recorded, hopefully you'll have a chance to see how I created all these looks!

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