Monday, January 12, 2015

Just as I was about to write this sentence the mailman came to my door and just delivered my boxing day meme box... #FATE

It also delivered my IPSY bag this month. So clearly I need to set up my soft boxes again, which was very entertaining this time 'round because my cat kept jumping in the box. He obviously wants to be the star of the show. =^^=

I bought this box because I try and take care of my hair, especially during the winter months when it's very dry, I need the extra boost. I haven't tried many Korean hair care products so this box was a great surprise. Many FULL SIZED products!! It was $35 I believe and well worth it. I haven't had the chance to try all the products out yet but so far I've liked what I have tried.

1. La'dor Perfect Hair Filler 13ml x2 ($5)

 This is a "highly concentrated hair ampoule" which is supposed to renew your hair with its ample moisturizing ingredients. Keratin, collagen and silk amino acid are among the ingredients. You're supposed to mix it 1:1 ratio with water until it turns into a cream.

Very interesting, I must say! I haven't tried this yet, but it'll likely be the next one I test out. I don't know if it's because of the word filler, or because of the packaging, but I feel like my hair is going to feel soft as silk after using this. I'm excited to try it out!

2. Natural Waterless Shampoo Outdoor 50ml ($10)

Imagine a foam version of dry shampoo, this would be it. This is a repeat product for me and I'm  happy to receive it again. I like that it has 15 kinds of naturally derived ingredients that "refresh and deliver rich vitamin nutrients to hair and scalp after long hours spent outdoors". I guess this is supposed to add oomf and cleanses your hair. It definitely gives my hair some revival on my off-shampoo days (yes, I'm trying to train my hair again). It smells mint-y (they say there is menthol in it) so that's a plus for me. I like the quick cooling sensation it provides.

3. Na. 8 Outbath Treatment 150g (18)

I haven't had the chance to experience with this, but I am looking forward to testing it out. This is a citron-scented leave-on hair treatment. I LOVE hair treatments and I love citrus scents! It has a "blend of transformative hair nutrients to restore and replenish damaged hair to a shiny, healthy state". Yup, sign me up please!

They direct you to apply to damp hair and not to rinse off.

4. Haken Natural Baobab Oil 160ml ($18)

This is a hair oil for dry and damaged hair that you applied to "towel dried hair". It has vitamin A omega 6+9, chlorophyll and helps protect hair from UV and heat!! UV hair protection is something I think about often. I mean, I put sunscreen on daily, but I'm not really sure to put on my hair when I go out.

I got to test this out today after washing the straw curls I had put in the other day. Let me just say that combing the tangles after wearing it for two days out was... Interesting. I used this to help comb my hair as well and moisturize. I don't notice any difference in softness, but I will say my hair looks nice and shiny. I can picture myself using this often though, since it's so easy. I put serum in my hair everyday and I'm about to run out of my current bottle so I will be using this up!

5. Aztex Therapy Shampoo Natural Herb 50% 50ml ($8)

This is a shampoo that only uses natural ingredients (yay!). The listed ingredients are all things that have been known to be beneficial to hair (and skin! ...don't use this on your skin though) -jojoba oil, nettle, aloe vera, chamomile.. etc.. I tried this out today and it didn't lather, I find it difficult using shampoos that don't lather because I'm not sure if I used enough or not. I may have actually used a bit too much this time, but I will be trying this out some more. I like using products that don't have too many chemicals just because my scalp tends to feel happier that way.

6. Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 50ml ($12)

This hair treatment is supposed to prevent and re-energize damaged hair. It apparently has a cooling formula. When I first saw this I didn't think anything of it because I don't have any issues with hair loss, but seeing as it's supposed to help prevent AND "re-energize" I will give it shot.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, I think this box was well worth it. There isn't anything in the box that I won't use. There also was so many full sized products!! I actually bought this box because of a hair treatment they included in a previous box. I was so impressed that I wanted to try more hair care products. This didn't disappoint! I will update with my experiences after I've properly tried everything out.

TOTAL WORTH: $71!!!!!!

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