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Friday, January 02, 2015

So here's a post especially for Torontonian's or more specifically Etobicoke-ers, yeah, the same place Rob Ford is from. lol

I haven't gotten my hair cut since the last time I blogged about it here. Or wait, the last time I wrote up a draft and never finished it. Woops. Well, this one will be published if not to help acheieve my New Years resolution.

Photo source

 I was booked first thing when they opened and one of the first things I noticed was that everyone (well, MOST) of the employee's/students looked great. Not just hair but their makeup was on point.
I arrived a bit early and waited near at the front, the place looked very clean both in terms of sanitation and decor. I liked it. I was greeted by Minji (who had great makeup on!) and she took me to her station and asked what I wanted done. I showed her a photo and ask for her and her instructors opinion because tbh I'm low maintenance with my hair. Just wanted it to look good!

Yes, I showed her a photo of Kimmy K

I came in with the intention of layers and some bangs (shorter than the one in the photo) and that's exactly what I got. Minji started with a scalp massage (awesome), then a wash, and onto the cut. The cut itself didn't take as long as I thought it would, the longest part was the blow drying (mind you I have really long hair and lots of it! I felt sorry for Minji since not only am I tall, but she is shorter and had to really stretch to get all my hair. haha)

ANYWAY, the instructor came around and checked everything, said it was beautiful and I agreed. Minji did a great job! Will definitely come back and request her. I could tell she was a bit nervous, but she was very precise and did what I wanted. She said she'd only cut off 2.5 inches of hair and she didn't cut more than though (I would have been okay with more).

My BORING, super long hair before - photo cred Amber Primdahl (during a photoshoot I asked if she could take a photo of my hair anticipating this post!)

She asked if I wanted my hair straight or loose waves, I chose the latter and it looks lovely. My hair doesn't usually take to curls very well so it didn't last long, but I still liked it! Total time after everything was finished was close to two hours. Total cost was $30 excluding tip.

They provide little envelopes for gratuity and hang up you jacket/coat if you'd like in the back. You get a number so they know which is yours afterwards. The only thing I wasn't huge on was some of the products they used. The volume mousse now feels dry in my hair and did not, in my opinion, provide any volume. I also didn't notice any heat protector sprayed on, though she did apply some light cream to my hair, not sure if there was any protector in it.

Donato Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics
First selfie post haircut! c:

Also, when I first called to make the appointment it sounded like the receptionist was chewing gum (or possibly sucking a candy) and then after giving my number and first name said I wasn't in the system. I had to clarify that I was a new client, not sure if maybe my voice just sounded like one of their regulars, but I found that odd.

I found both the instructor and stylist great, loved their style and they were both really friendly. Overall I had a great experience and will definitely be back!

I tried to get a brow shaping down as well, but they were booked up until much after my haircut had ended, wasn't going to wait around.

Donato Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Facebook page

3253 Lake Shore Blvd West
T: 416 252 8999

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