Lip Monthly December 2014 Review

Monday, December 29, 2014

'Allo! I've made a New Years resolution (and I pride myself in always accomplishing them) to blog and/video more (er.. start for the latter). I've currently recorded FOUR videos. FOUR! But I am completely unsatisfied with them all so I've trashed them. I'm asking some of my film friends for help on how to record better. Why am I a perfectionist? ;sigh; Anyway, I did intend to make this post a video but since it didn't work out, a blog post with photos it is!!

I am currently subscribed to three boxes, Ipsy, Lip Monthly and Memebox when there's something I like (often)

What it is: A monthly subscription that focuses on lip products.
Price: $10/month +$5 shipping CAD* (see below for discount code)

This month I got NYC Ultra Moist lip colour in '304 MOCHA', Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in '01 Bare Secret' , L.A Girl Endless auto lipliner in 'Wine' and Magnolia matte lip colour in 'Matador'.

photo source

NYC ULTRA MOIST LIP COLOUR $0.99: Do I like NYC lipsticks? Yes. Do I like this colour? NO. I really wish that Lip Monthly would have some sort of profile for its subscribers and have a colour match system. I don't think this colour is going to look great on everyone. I'm very fair, I can't even rock the 90's lip look that Kylie Jenner is bringing back with this. I do think that this will look STUNNING on people of different skin tones though.

It is, however, true to its name and moisturising. Great pigmentation and I would have loved some other colour in my bag.

RATING: 2.5/5 because of colour choice

photo source

MILIANI BRILLIANT SHINE LIP GLOSS $4.99: I wasn't expecting to like this. I'm not a huge fan of glosses but this is a really pretty shade and formula. It's basically a translucent pink with subtle shimmer and.. IT'S MOISTURIZING. Say whaaat? I wasn't expecting that but my lips felt great with this on! It's true to its claim and isn't very sticky but stickyness helps a gloss last longer. I was drinking with this on so it didn't last 'forever' like they claim but gloss is one of those things you just have to re-apply.

RATING: 3.5/5

photo source

L.A GIRL ENDLESS AUTO LIP LINER $5.00 (can be found cheaper elsewhere): I have used this product before (Pink Parfait heeey) and most definitely recommend this. The colours are beautiful, pigmentation is great, it is a bit drying but I always put a moisturising Chapstick on beforehand which greatly helps. It helps keep my lipstick last longer and I put this with the lip gloss above on top and it looked BEAUTIFUL.

The wine colour is gorgeous, I think it would suit most people and since it's fall, it's definitely trendy to be wearing this colour!


photo source

MAGNOLIA MAKEUP MATTE LIP COLOUR 'MATADOR' $15.00: I have not heard of this brand before but this product is definitely the star from the bag. It's a gorgeous shade of red (looks like a burnt red imo) and glides on so, so smoothly.

I will say that this, much like OCC lip tars, is very easy to apply TOO MUCH. It is a liquid formula that dries matte and unless you use a clear lip pencil or a similar colour, you are going to have some bleeding. Although it's good pigmentation, there was some transfer to napkins/glasses so I suggest doing two layers but be easy! Don't over apply!

RATING: 4.5/5

BAG TOTAL:  $25.98

Overall I'm satisfied with this month but there's something missing with this company. I think they should add some sort of community aspect, maybe be more active on social media because I haven't heard much about them but as I love my lip products I decided to give them a try. I, unlike some others, don't mind getting chapsticks in my bag (dry lips, hi!) but I do think they can improve by including some sort of colour match system or a preferred colour choice. I'll stick with another month and see how it goes!

As for the bag, I'm not crazy over the bag, it's okay. I tend to give the bags I get to friends because I don't really need them but it's cute! I like the snow/Christmas theme.

And just for giggles, me trying on the Magnolia lip colour in my failed video:

DISCOUNT: Using code "HOLIDAY299" to get your first bag for only $2.99 on 4 Month Subscriptions!

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