HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Cat Woman Costume Review

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'allo! ARE YOU READY (for whatever reason I'm having flashbacks to The Rock's signature saying -can you smell, what the rock... IS COOKING?!-, I'm saying it like he would) FOR A SEXY CAT WOMAN COSTUME?! Because I am.

Reasons why Cat Woman is amaze balls:

  1. CATS
  2. Bodysuit -show off your figure without showing skin
  3. it's the Anne Hathaway suit, updated, not full pleather, more flattering
  4. CATS
  5. CATS
  6. meow, cats!
Cat Woman Costume

So the costume fits wonderfully and is extremely comfortable. It's a grey-black patterned fabric with pleather accents. The belt is a MUST imo because it helps accentuate your waist. I find the costume to be a bit too "straight", if that makes sense, but apparently I have a short.. or long torso (I'm really not sure). Basically, my height makes bodysuits/jumpers fit a bit awkwardly. 

It is made by Costume Supercentre, here are the NEWEST CATWOMAN COSTUMES as well as BATMAN VILLAINS because going as a group is always so much cooler.

Cat Woman Costume

The pleather accents on the leg portion is my favourite. It makes your legs look longer and also makes it seem like you're wearing thigh high boots. Get the look without the uncomfortableness that is thigh-high boots!

Cat Woman Costume

PROBLEM though.. it's DAMN SEE THROUGH! As you can see from the photo above.. also, for reference I am 5'6.5 and this is a SIZE S. Camel toes and wedgies... very possible, be careful my friends.

It comes with the suit, gloves, cat ear headbands (which is quite comfortable however I can't wear headbands for too long because anything putting a little pressure on my head gives me headaches. It looks a bit odd in person but the ears look really cool when you actually put them on.

Cat Woman Costume

 It also comes with a mask which is the most disappointing aspect imo. You can see the cut outs from the rubbery material and I'm not fond of the smell that has lingered after it being made but honestly, I'd rock a hot cat liner and you can forego the mask.

I did a straight cut smokey eye with cat liner and a plum-fuchsia lip. 

Products used:
Make Up For Ever HD foundation/powder
Make Up For Ever artist shadows
Make Up For Ever aqualiner
Stilazzi falsies
theBalm Bahama Mama
l.a girl lip liner in Pink Parfait
Rimmel "Kate" lipstick 120

Cat Woman Costume

All-in-all I love the costume, my friends love it and have been asking me where to buy it. I'm not a fan of showing so much skin but I'm totally cool with nicely fit bodysuits!! 


OH.. and I got a little kitty cat!!! hehe more on him soon!

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