Boy Before Friends Episode Two Recap/Review

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I hope you all stuck around for episode two because it definitely has improved from the first episode. They still need to work on things but it's nice that they're listening to the criticisms and taking them seriously. In this episode we get to see the Z3!!! and the F4 develop a bit with their relationships with each other. This episode was funny. And in a good way. I lol'd (literally) more than once. Yay!

You can watch Boys Before Friends on Viki or their youtube channel.

We left off during the attempted rape scene and Zoey fights her way off but they still manage to overpower her. In slow mo. Lots of slow mo. Luckily OLIVER (yes, finally I got the names right!) is around to help Zoey out. All he does is flick one of the minions face and off they run. He tries to console her but she's just not having any of it and doesn't want to be touched. He leaves to give Liam an earful over this horrible attack.


Liam is all confused because he just told them to "get rid of her". Uh, minions, next time don't just think up of nasty plans on your own. We get slow-mo Oliver again shouting at Liam while he insists he didn't mean them to hurt her (like that at least), however he has a plan on revenge. Bffls (Chloe and Piper) anxiously wait at home for Zoey to console her. Is that more slow-mo I see? They sit on the couch and we get to see Oliver's long-time crush a.k.a supermodel Jade!

Liam's idea was to make the boys shirtless writing "F4 DOES NOT SUPPORT RAPE!" on their bare chests. hahaha Then the boys take their turns smacking or flicking their finger in their faces. I would have liked some harder slaps. Zoey MARCHES in and smacks Liam around a little while professing she is NOT a slut and does not sleep around with anyone! She notices a photo the F4 put up of the minions professing that the F4 does not support rape and walks out, letting Liam know that that doesn't let him off the hook (as it shouldn't).

She bumps into Blond Mean Girl and the trio just cannot handle being in the same room as them. We get a scene that's probably longer than it should have been of them trashing Zoey. I loved it. These Mean Girls are freaking amazing. Meanwhile F4 continues to play pool while Liam is confused as to why she didn't even thank him for punishing the minions! Chase laughs at Liam's preposterous claim while the rest of the group agrees he's taking things a little too personal. (side note: Chase's little impersonations of Zoey and Liam and the faces Liam made.. so cute) Chase and Noam decide to take Zoey out for lunch for providing them such great entertainment. while Mean Girls concoct a plan to get rid of Zoey.


Zoey admits that they're a lot nicer than she expected while the boys inquire about her roommates. Are they cute? Because they wouldn't mind dating one of them. Zoey proceeds to let them know that her roommate has a glass eye, had a gimp, getting her head gear off...etc hahahaha She may think they're nice but they're not touching her besties! They say they wouldn't want to ruin their new budding friendship while dating one of her friends (lies, clearly). Mean Girls show up acting nice and invite her and her friends to a charity auction. Zoey says she wouldn't have anything to wear to that event nor enough money for a ticket. The girls say they'd cover the $2500 ticket fee and it's casual! Wouldn't want to make the victims feel out of place, you know. 

Zoey finds Oliver in her room and asks what he's doing there. He simply says he didn't know it was hers and she goes on to thank him for helping her. Next scene is probably my favourite scene in the episode. If you've watched the anime or read the manga you know what's coming. Liam says he's figured things out. He knows why Zoey is like that to him. SHE LIKES HIM! Chase asks how in the world did he come to that conclusion and Liam's response? Well duh, she clearly made sure she told HIM she wasn't sleeping around! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Zoey dances around while Liam watches in the background. He admits she's actually kind of good at what she does. He asks why she doesn't like him, he's rich, good looks, a six pack (while lifting up his shirt may I add). Zoey simply says she hates everything about him because of his bullying, cocky attitude, HIS HAIR. So what does our boy do? Obviously go to the most amazing hairstylist ever to cut off his nasty long strands (whoever made the character decision for the hairstylist needs a pat on the back. I love it). Short hair Liam is in business and lookin' good.

Zoey is kidnapped to Liam's mansion and pampered.. did somebody say make-over??? Oh what do we have here, new actress alert!! Meet New Zoey. When Zoey sees herself in the mirror she turns into some duck faced teenager shocked to see how beautiful she can be. The slow-mo in here was warranted. Liam's slow walk towards Zoey, nice! He then tells her she looks like a different person (ha, nice one writers).

Liam let's her know he's decided the let her be his fake girlfriend. She declines and he's flabbergasted! She's willing to give up all the money he could spend on her? Yup. She throws some wine in his face. buahaha She just shuts the door and waits there when low and behold Oliver walks up. She's acting all seductress which seems pretty out of character (she may be falling for him but she definitely doesn't want to just bang him right away). He teases her with a fake kiss but actually just goes to open the door. Best friends come and get her while talking about how nice she looks and Zoey lets them know Liam's delusional thoughts over her liking him.

Next day Zoey is walking by while the gang is playing basketball (might I just add this scene was wonderfully shot. Good job cinematographer!). Liam asks Zoey why did left like that last night and didn't even comment on his hair cut! While the peanut gallery in the back just laughs at Liam's failed attempt.


Mean Girls are waiting for Zoey but see her roommates first, which they're equally disgusted with. Blond Mean Girl goes off to flirt with Chase. Mean Girl's way to capture Chase's heart? Obviously make him jealous by making out with the guy next to him. Chase watches, and happily walks off. I think that just backfired on you girl. Next we find Audrey and her non-boyfriend hanging out in the gallery and he asks her why she hasn't done anything about her long-time crush on Chase. Mean Girl #3 (Jessica) gets smitten with a wall (LMFAO) but Boss Lady puts her in place and tells her to leave so she can flirt with this handsome fellow that's walked up to her. Oliver and Liam run into each other while Liam is waiting for Zoey, though he won't admit it.

Next we get the besties. Noam walks up to Chloe and lets her know he likes what he sees. Her response? "you shouldn't talk to adults that way". GIRL, I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE COMEDIC GOLD. He lets he know that he is fully grown. Next up is Chase walking over to Piper and my second favourite scene of the episode.

I can't. This part was just too awesome for me. He hits on her so beautiful. She declines, of course, though I don't know why. Okay, I would too. Maybe. She declines just as beautifully.


Can I just say that for whatever reason I didn't notice him until this scene. I don't know why episode one did no justice for you but holy cow. You are attractive and have the most beautiful smile. Maybe it was the cocky, cheesy pick up line, or that smile of yours or maybe that suit (I have a thing for suits, okay) but unf. Excuse me while I clean up my nose bleed. Sorry Oliver, you're no longer my favourite.

Zoey walks in and Liam is all, "oh, hey glad you made it! I wasn't waiting around for you or anything...". Oliver walks off and Zoey follows. They have a hilarious exchange about a painting-photograph. Zoey explains this "painting" is a photo-graph. You know those things that camera takes? Liam attempts to recover but.. doesn't. Zoey points out that he hair might be shorter but his perm still is there. Then she greets Oliver while he just ignores her.

We rewind to Jessica and her uh.. questions with her male friend. He says intersects (while describing what parallel is since she didn't know) and she asks if he just say sex. Then proceeds to ask if she can have his babies. Oh Jessica. The F4 huddle while Chase exclaims he's finally gotten rid of the stage five clinger a.k.a Blond Mean girl.

Cut to Mean Girl ripping Zoey and her friends a new one. Calling them trash, looking like the waitstaff..etc being her general mean girl self. Sadly for her they're not just going to zip up and take her words. They mock her in return while Blond Girl explains vintage shopping to Jessica. It's where they donate their garbage for poor people! Cue girl-on-girl fight. Cue slow-mo. The girls eventually are torn apart and leave (while Piper steals some cupcakes).

My Thoughts:

I don't have much to say about the storyline since it's pretty straight forward but I also don't think much happened in this episode. I wonder which arcs they've chosen for the remake to do.

 In this episode we get an actor change! Done in a silly fashion but I must say, new Zoey does fit the part. ;sigh; I wanted to dislike her so badly but I just can't. I'm also happy to say the acting has improved which leads me to believe a tighter script and direction really needs to happen. I love Claude. I do. The confrontation scene where Zoey first goes to attack Liam for the rape attempt made me realize she may not be best for the part. Simply because she's too bad-ass, I'm pretty sure she could easily have taken on those guys and the F4 all together. (which is why I like her).

Make-up: Being a make-up student I really don't want to critique any makeup but I feel like I need to. I'm really confused because some of the make-up is BANGIN' Whoever does Chloe's make-up is BOSS. That scene at the gallery? NICE! But then we have Zoey's make-up and Pipers in the same scene, the eyebrows on some of the girls.. It's just too much.

Continuity: Oliver wearing different clothes while confront Liam after the rape scene.. or was that supposed to be a different day? Piper and Chloe are wearing the same clothes and make-up as they did the day they picked up Zoey from Liam's.

Sound: improved but still needs work. During the hair cutting scene every time the hair stylist spoke you could hear the background noise then it would grow silent. Then the last scene, well, I'm sure they themselves knew the sound quality was horrible in comparison to the rest of the episode. Not sure what happened there.

Editing: During the scene when Zoey and Oliver meet in her room, we even hear the director calling "cut" in the background as well as the rest of the crew talking afterwards. The rewind scene in the art gallery.. what was the point? It reminded me of that weird flashback scene in the first episode. I just don't get it.

Writing/directing: still needs to be tighter. The scene where Zoey is dropped off in front of Liam's house, she could have easily just left from then but instead goes inside only to tell him she's leaving... what was the point of that? Then afterwards she just waits at the door after leaving while calmly and coolly talks to Oliver. She's supposed to be pissed off here and instead of just walking out she's waiting around and making some small-chit chat while acting obnoxiously lovesick over Oliver? Not buying it. She flip flops from being angry to being seductive in a blink of an eye. Not sure if that's a writing, directing or actor issue. In the art Gallery, I kept getting stage-five clinger vibes off of her when Oliver was around. I don't think her character is written well at the moment.

THAT BEING SAID, there are things I loved about this episode.
Cinematography: definitely improved. The basketball scene was wonderfully shot and my only complaint was that they flip flopped timing around (morning to night to morning depending on which cut). Not sure if they used a hazer or just managed their time to capture the beautiful, natural light but it worked. Even when it got darker it still looked good. If you guys got a new camera and started using it during that scene, keep using it!

THERE WERE SO MANY FUNNY MOMENTS! I genuinely laughed at many of Liam's and Jessica's stupid scenes, the Mean Girl Scenes, the PICK-UP LINES. Those were great!

The hair was great, as usual. Loved the hair/make-up stylist actor. She looks fab. Also the acting has definitely improved and has me hopeful for the rest of the series.

I want this series to work and I feel like if they just fix up the writing, even with low funds they can make something genuinely great!

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