Everything Is Fiercer with Capes

Friday, December 13, 2013

So here's the thing, I have a little thing in mind for Anime North 2014 and it involves a cape. A swanky cape. I could make one myself but I'm not kidding anyone with my sewing skills. I'm a straight beginner and tend to leave these things last minute. So why not grab a cape from a costume shop? Perfect. I picked this really nice looking "deluxe velvet & satin cape" from Costume Discounters.

I know what you're thinking. Or at least if you've been a follower of any of my social media websites, VELVET?! For those of you that don't know, I can't touch velvet. It gives me the heebie jeebies, it's weird but I can't shake that. I decided since the satin was on the inside it should be safe as long as I was careful with it.

Turns out it was so cold that I couldn't even feel the velvet. It didn't bother me (such a surprised...). Anyway, look at it here in all it's glory.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me free of charge. My opinions written here are my own and have not been influenced.

Photos taken by Rykius.
Click the photos for full size.

Firstly let me say it was FREEZING out during this shoot. I had a hard time keeping my composure so bare with me. The wind was a great asset to show off the cape but my body was not appreciative.

The satin is really nice against my skin and I'm happy that's on the inside. I LOVE the purple and black combo, I was contemplating the red version since it'd be more accurate to my cosplay idea but I just couldn't turn down this gorgeous colour.

As you can see it's nicely positions around my shoulders and gives me a good frame. With my 3.5" heels though I am taller than the cape (for reference I'm 5'6.5, the point 5 is important to me). Since it's velvet and satin it's a heavy garment but still capable of flowing in the wind as seen above.

The cape has a button closer around the collar which held up nicely, didn't come undone once and the wind was a bit crazy. The hood wasn't as structured as I'd like but the wind didn't let it hold up for very long. Beware, I look like a witch below. muahaha

The cape was a bit of a saving grace for me since it helped shield me a bit from the wind and cold. I think capes are in and I love how they can really make a costume that much more authentic. I'm pretty satisfied with this cape and I gaurantee this isn't the last you'll see of it. I already have something deadly in mind to use it for. :)

Check out Costume Discounters on their Facebook page or Twitter if you'd like to grab this cape!

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