Massive Updates!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Thanks for sticking around guys!! I've been missing, someone contact the authorities! Okay so I just relaxed and enjoyed my summer to the fullest. I've been doing some super exciting things but the most exciting is...


So I will  be professionally trained and will be sharing all my new knowledge with you guys! FEAR NOT, I GOT YOUR BACKS! I start Monday and I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness!

In other news, I've been doing a lot of photoshoots. Unlike the ones I've posted before but professional shoots. Well, as professional as someone with little experience like me can get. Basically, I've been volunteering myself. haha You want to see some, yes? Well! Click here for my on-going model portfolio but here's a few...

Photographer: Shinjae Park, Hair & Make-up: Regina Ji-Hyo Kim
Photographer: Sherii Cui, Hair & Makeup: Tuta Sithi
Photographer: Shinjae Park, Hair & Make-up: Regina Ji-Hyo Kim
I've got some more waiting to come that I can't show you because... Regina and I entered a competition called, CONTESSA. It's basically a Canadian-wide competition for hairstylists (though I see a small section for make-up as well).



WE JUST GOT WORD THAT WE MADE SEMI-FINALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hear if we made finals in early October so I'm STOKED to find out! Regina is super talent and so is Shinjae (our photographer)

I'm excited to show you guys all these photos and so pumped to be learning more and working more! Please add me on Twitter/Facebook since I'm frequently on there!

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