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Monday, June 03, 2013


I've been gone for a while.. mainly working on my cosplay and waiting for pictures. ^^
I've attend Anime North for a number of years now (last year) and this year I cosplay as Angewomon from Digimon.

I watched Digimon as a child but was a bigger fan of Pokemon, I admit. Still though, Angewomon is a kick ass cosplay that would be a challenge to make so I went for it. Making this cosplay has really inspired me to sew more and once I can work it into my budget, going out and buying ALL the fabric!

The making process:
I started about a month before the convention and was on a tight budget. I actually lost track of how much this cosplay cost me but it's around 150~200$ YIKES!!!! In retrospect, the wings would have cost that if I ordered an already made pair.

How I made the wings? Boy this was trial and error. I didn't want to pay for chicken wire so I decided to make my own. I bought bendable wire and mended them into chicken wire myself!

Then I weaved in a piece of hanger wire on the tops and bottom part. Then I weaved feather boas around, I originally bought turkey feathers but didn't get enough and the seller from China I bought them off of wasn't responding to my shipping questions... Turned out better than expected though! Also... put the feathers in LAST. Just a word of advice.

My original plan for the harness didn't work out but my jack-of-all-trades father put together this wooden tube harness. The wires were inserted into tubing from an old fridge then screwed onto a piece of wood. We then used left over tubes to hold everything on my shoulders. Everything was secured by more wire.

 This was the wings half done, I posted it on instagram.

The rest I thought would be easier. Okay, so I really don't know much about sewing but this fabric.... didn't work as I imagined! I'd cut a little piece off but then as I made the edges smooth it'd end up turning something penny sized into a toonie! I ended up exposing more than I wanted so I didn't seal off all the raw edges.

Next I made the arm and shoe pieces. I stuck the turkey feathers I bought on one of my shoes and made a shoe cover for the other one.

I actually made the mask first and the breast plates last. Like, the night before the con last. hahaha BIG MISTAKE!! I hadn't planned the breast plates very well and I used an old bra to paper mache' but.. sewing it onto my costume was difficult so I ended up using safety pins which lead to some unfortunate errors but what can you do.


Also the ribbon which I didn't take any photos of, it was pretty simple to make.



pictures are by Freddy from Rykius, check out his other photos, they're awesome!!

 The best for last.. my favourite picture:

I had some other shoots booked but I was too cold/tired so I just "rescheduled". Quotes since I have photographer friends who I can ask to shoot more with. ^_____^
Let me just say it was FREEZING that weekend. Not only was it something like 14C but the wind was crazy! The first day I opted out of the costume because I didn't want to get sick so I just wore my purple wig, cat ears and my high school uniform.. bumped into my friend who had the freakiest/coolest costume!

Photo by Ellie
He got so many photos taken. haha

The Saturday I was Angewomon but I wont lie, the majority of the weekend was spent inside my hotel room with friends. WE HAD A BLAST. omg

The rest of the time I just looked like a variation of that ^. Nothing too crazy!

Perry decided to put this on our door. You can just guess the shenanigans that happened as a result. ;sigh;

Who I bunked with: Jen and Eric. You've seen Eric before since we've been buds for a million years. Jen and I have known each other for a while and sometime last year our friendship bolted into this fun mess. haha

Sunday we did some shopping and buy some shopping I mean I bought only ONE thing. I'm a pretty savvy shopper and know the prices for a lot of memorabilia so I wouldn't pay more for something I can find for less on eBay. I spent a lot of time in the artist alley and found the CUTEST bunny ears.

I evoled into Blanketmon it was so cold. haha
돼지토끼 - pig-rabbit forever (•ㅅ•)

They're made by La Beauté D'un Rêve. It's so well put together, you can tell a professional made it! I had a hard time choosing a style actually but I decided this one since I liked the placement of the ears. I had a nice chat with the designer who also is a blogger! She's super sweet and creates amazing things, super in love with everything!

Overall I had a fantastic weekend. I admit the weather did ruin it for me and it was COMPLETELY different from last year.. Spending a weekend with people you have fun with no matter what is the best and what friendships should be.

I may not have had a chance to meet up with as many people as last year but we're all friends right? Don't need a con to bring up together. I'M LOOKING AT YOU DAIKI.


Also, I'm super into cosplaying now and want to do it more and more! What would you cosplay as if you could be anyone?

(next post will be a review of the wig I'm wearing as Angewomon)

Freddy entered us in a competition, so if you'd please, VOTE FOR US HERE!

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