13 Years of Friendship

Friday, May 10, 2013

So a friend of mine came down from BC last week and I asked if she wanted to come to my 1920s flapper shoot and maybe have one with me! The photog was up for the idea and we had already planned a fashion shoot after the flapper one anyway. This was the result!

Super image heavy! Photos taken by Fang Su Photography.

My outfit was pretty budget:

Flower crop top - clearance F21 $12
Skirt - Urban Planet - $10
Shoes - Call It Spring - $40
Shades - eBay - $4

Would have been super cheap with other shoes!!

Why yes, I did attempt to overnight curl my hair. It was supposed to be much curlier but I'll settle for this. haha

And some sitting down shots.

I absolutely love this skirt. I'm still on the maxi dress and skirt craze but I LOVE the slits in this skirt. The material is super nice for only $10 too! I love showing off my legs so this is a perfect mix of everything I want. I rarely wear crop tops but since the skirt can be high waisted it all came together nicely.

G is coming down to visit again in July so maybe we can do something else then too. ^^

I hurt the back of my knee (is there an actual official name for that?!) after some yoga.. probably twisted it incorrectly somehow so now whenever I walk for long my leg starts to really hurt! Sucks because it's been SO beautiful here lately all I want to do is walk around!

I've also been working on my cosplay for Anime North this year (started early, hehe!). Anyone here going? Let me know! I'll be there all three days. ^_________^


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