1920s Flapper Costume Review

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I have been planning this in my mind up until the actual photoshoot date and originally I had a more authentic make-up look planned (full with "thin eyebrows" and everything! If I scared you on Instagram... I'm not sorry! :P), I ended up doing a more modern inspired version as the costume is.

 Let me tell you why, I reviewed a navy costume last summer and loved it but this time.. my expectations were blown out of the water. I looked into the background of Flappers before I did this, for the makeup and fashion and it's not 100% authentic but a modern take. Let me premise this post that THERE ARE LOTS OF PHOTOS. I'm sorry to your bandwidth but if you came here I hope you expect pretty pictures because that's a top priority of mine!

I was sent this costume free to review, my opinion is my own.

I had such fun with this costume, they're having a "flap into the ’20s with UNT’s latest fashion exhibition" gathering in Dallas if you're so inclined to dress like a flapper after this post (and I do so hope you do!)

Worked with a new photographer, THANK YOU FANG! He's awesome and hopefully we'll be working together more. ^^ All photos are credit to Fangsu-Photography. Also thanks to Costume Reviewers which, as their names says,  helps bloggers get costumes to review! ^^

The material is good quality and really comfortable! It's not transparent nor translucent so you don't have to worry about wearing a slip underneath. Also, it isn't super stretchy so do check your sizes on the site, though I find most costumes run a bit on the big size.
The costume is this short, cute, short black sequined front and fringed bottom dress. It's definitely more on the sexy side because it's so short!! That is my one and only complaint. I'm fairly tall so it might not be AS short on others as it is on me but there was no way I could where these without stockings to cover up my bum!

The fringe was really fun, I just kept jumping around to watch them move. The whole skirt portion is fringed while the upper part is only sequined on the front. I though this would bother me but I actually think it made the design work more. The front gold sequined design is really pretty, it separates and drags your eye to its design giving your body more shape.

Now here's a tip, the cigarette holder mouth piece needs to be glued! The mouth piece kept coming off when I was playing around with it. I nearly lost it only about 50 times... haha otherwise it was pretty cool and I didn't even realize it came with the costume. Made it that more authentic.

The headband was fun, black sequined through-out with a black peacock feather attached. The feather is NOT flimsy. It's staying on there, nor did any of the feather pieces fell off (and I was a bit rough with it). Really impressed!

 Overall I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this costume. Ah~ dressing up is so fun, I hope I can do these reviews more often. I actually have some wigs to review but I accidentally left them at my hairdressers... woops! Sorry Regina! haha

 You can grab this costume from Wholesalecostumeclub.

I have a fashion post coming up next, photos also taken from Fang. Watch out for it! ^^

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