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Friday, February 08, 2013

So I did it, I cut my hair!! I was going to wear my hair in a faux bob to trick you all but I am too in love with my curls that I don't want them to disappear!! I think this hair cut came at a perfect time. You know how you'll hear about changing your look/cutting off tons of your hair to become a "new" you? I feel like that.

Why did I need a new me? Hmm, sometimes people just need a bit of a change right? I've been seeing the influence...

LOL My friend (HI ERIC!!!!!!!!) made this my anthem after events that have happened this year. I'm also being called a gazelle and cougar. Now let me just rufute the cougar nickname BECAUSE I AM NOT. This all started because a few high schoolers had the balls to ask me out. Even after finding out my age.  I admit I was a little frustrated over this because I don't understand why they think a university student would agree to a high-schooler. HOWEVER it's quite a good laugh for my me and my friends.

The best was this one guy who asked me how his approach was after, and if I didn't like him because he looked nerdy (if you're reading this, I like nerds -sapiosexual hello!). I felt so bad! I didn't even know how to respond to him!!

ANYWAY, I was feeling a little down and I've wanted to change up my look, specifically my hair for a while now. And so, I made the call and booked with a hairstylist friend of mine, REGINA!!!

Although you guys are already acquainted with my looks, I'm just going to add in my pre-haircut shots!
Excuse the mirror, it's not my room.

I'm wearing NYX's round lipstick in "Castle" in the first picture. I'll be reviewing a few new lipsticks soon, bought a bunch of purple shades. Regina really liked that shade on me, I wasn't so sure at first! Also, this is probably this first plaid shirt I've owned since elementary school.

BORING RIGHT?! I know just one length is good for modelling but I'm just too bored with that! I was FEASTING for something different. So anyway, I discuss what I want with Regina, show pictures or whatever and her instructor guided her on the cut.

Regina is an institute student at Aveda Toronto! She will be moving onto the next stage in a few months (and I may be her final project model!! -that is if I agree to dye my hair PURPLE!!!)

Do you know what I was greeted with? Tea and a massage.
I asked if they trained them on massaging or what because ..it was so nice. hahaha

I wanted a lot of layers to give me hair some oomf and volume. I got it!!! You can really see because of how nice the curls look, there's a lot of texture and gah.. in love.


It does take a little longer than normal because they get guidance from their instructors but you're also paying for a discounted price so it's worth it. I was there for a little less than three hours BUT that's including the wash, massage and style. She curled my hair too!!! YAY!! (also, that girls purple hair... COULD BE ME)

I told her I'd like curls but I am never able to hold them for longer than 30 minutes.

And the results!!

She went for it anyway and used some MAGIC FREAKING HAIR SPRAY BECAUSE..



BUT THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Regina, can you move in with me and do my hair daily???

day two
Highly considering picking up some of the magic hair spray from Aveda. You can also buy products while you're there. I also liked the moisturizing serum they used.

So here are the prices for Aveda if you're interested:
Institute Students Starting at
Shampoo & Blow Dry $14-18
Hair Cut $21-28
Highlights $43+up
Botanical Hair & Scalp Therapy SM $40+up
Upstyle $25+up
Hair Colour/Glossing $33+up
Perms $40+up
For prices for other types of students and more info, click here.

That's so reasonable and great for what you're getting. I dislike going to hairstylists because I don't trust them but their instructors were so friendly, I felt very comfortable there. It also helped that Regina is so, so sweet and great at what she does!

So if you'd like, call (416) 921-2961 and ask to book with Regina Kim.
They're located at 125 King Street East, Toronto, which is just a short walk from King Station.

What do you guys think about me with dark purple hair?! It'd probably be similar/a little lighter than this look...

The only thing that worries me is my hair colour preventing me from getting a job, otherwise I'd jump at the chance!

Also, I gave blood for the first time!

It was great and I plan on doing it again! It's not as scary as I thought it would be, though it did take me 15 minutes to get to a pint. haha

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing well and have a lovely Valentines!! What are your plans?! Indulge me!

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