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Friday, January 11, 2013

OI! It's been a while! Oh, how I miss this. I wish I had more time but I can only fit in so many things. I hope you all are doing well! Please keep me updated and chat with me via Facebook or Twitter! I'm active on those while I'm not blogging. :)

I bought these "creme lip" products a while ago and took photos but I wasn't satisfied with the quality so I trashed them. Originally I  had planned a lens review but they honestly take me SO long to put in (I guess since I don't wear them often) that I got frustrated and just decided to rework this!

I bought these off of Cherry Culture and currently they're on sale for $2.50USD.

 I bought them because they're so inexpensive but I was surprised at how moisturizing they are. They don't dry out my lips and the colours are very nice. The pigmentation is great and there are some that I'm quite attracted to. The packaging is cheap looking, the top part is covered by a clear, plastic top.

They don't stain your lips and I'd say that last as long as your average lipstick, if you eat or drink it's going to wear off, otherwise you're solid!

Endless Kisses is a nice pink colour. I would describe it as a subtle bubblegum pink. It's not too pastel-y so I think it's a nice everyday shade if pink is your thing. It's my favourite pink tone from the lot.

Love Letters is an red colour with a hint of orange mixed. Reds are my favourite but I don't wear this one too often since it is a warm red colour.

Demure is a more subtle version of Love Letters, it's not as red and has more pink mixed in. I really like this shade for an everyday colour!

Promiscuous is probably my favourite. It's a deep red that really makes my eyes POP. I LOVE it and wear it often, looks great with a simply black liner look.

Forbidden Love is a type of pink that I would wear everyday. It's not bubblegum pink and more along the lines of a nude, peachy-pink colour. Actually, I'd say it's more of a pink lipstick than a nude, a subdued pink!

Sexy makes me feel sexy. HA! It's my second favourite to Promiscuous. It has these gorgeous blue/purple undertones that really gives this red dimensions. It's a cool red shade.

Sinful is a little boring to me, it's a warm red shade and that's probably why I'm not a fan of it. I bet it looks great on those who can wear warm reds but I'm not one of them.

Fling is a great nude shade for me. It doesn't have as much pink as Forbidden Love so it's more true to a nude tone.


Secret Admirer is a bubblegum pink colour. I don't think I've ever worn this out and I'm not sure if I would. It's a little too pink for me but I love how it really brings out the green in my eyes.

Which do you think you'd like the most? TELL ME HOW YOU GUYS ARE!!! <3

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