Express Grand Opening: Heaven!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express Canada for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well, it's official. I am addicted to Express. Now that I've finally been exposed to the clothing at arms reach and the opportunity to try whatever I'd like, I've fallen in love. Attending the Grand Opening event was A-MAZING. I wasn't planning on going until after lunch until I saw that the ENTIRE STORE WAS 50%. It was then I knew, I had to put my  morning pants on and get there early to ensure I got my sizes.

I've arrived! Woo! My first thought was that the store is MUCH larger than expected. I was speaking to an employee about the size and he told me that they replaced an old Shoppers Drug Mart (and if you're Canadian, you know those guys are big!). I immediately went to the female section while my male friend went to Express Mens. We didn't have a plan but I'm sure we'd meet up sooner or later. I was first greeted by this:

Onto the dresses! There was this gorgeous hi-low cream chiffon dress that I was really, really in love with (you can see it on the corner actually!) but I promised myself no more hi-low items and instead looked at some of the sweater dresses.

These babies were my personal favourite. I went to try one on and it was HUGE, I was a little sad but started talking to an employee who told me that it's AMERICAN SIZES, so everything is going to run a size or two larger. Alright, I can handle that! I ended up getting a printed skater dress instead but I'm really sad I didn't pick one of these up! A friend of mine got the red one though. The thing I loved about this one is that the upper body was larger, so if you're small chester it gives an appearnce of a more hour-glass figure. Someone remind me why I didn't pick this one up again??

They also had some very pretty jackets, the middle one was a personal favourite. I came very close to bringing this home with me!

The biggest thing I walked away with were blouses. Oh my god, if I could make you all feel the quality of their shirts, I would. It was phanomenal. I am a blouse person. My everyday look is  basically a killer pair of jeans, heels and a fabulous blouse. I bought four, and wish I had more. One in every colour. They were my favourite buy. I plan on show casing one in a future post and I urge you to give them a chance if you're not a blouse person. You will become one. Oh and there's the skater dress I bought, you have great style lady! hehe

Now, I saw this blazer during the Fashion show and LOVED it but I have a white and black colour blocked blazer already so I said I didn't need two. Until I tried it on.

If there was one thing I was certain, it was that I wasn't leaving that store without that blazer in a bag. It looks sleek, the material feels amazing on my skin and I can tell it's going to  last me a while. Dear Express, thank you for making this.
All in all, I had a great time, the lines were long but I never found the waiting time unreasonable. I chatted with a number of employees and they all seemed really friendly and FASHIONABLE. Especially the guys, I wanted to snap pictures of them all if they weren't busy helping the rest of us!

I'm so happy I got some of my guy friends to go down and shop too, they told me they liked the variety of colours they had, so I went back on Thursday to check it out and they were right! Hey, I was too preoccupied with the female section on Wednesday.
My Wednesday was pretty packed actually, more of my friends showed up than I imaged and I was down there for 7 hours. SEVEN HOURS! I pretty much missed everyone trying to fit everyone in (my plan was to shop with people but... too many of you guys showed up.. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU GUYS!♥). I always caught them as they left the store; I always caught them with a shopping bag! haha and a few of my friends are tagging me in their purchase pictures on Facebook, I love it! :3

Vincent and I. We said next time we hang out we're going to wear full outfits from the Express clothing we bought and just be cool. We can do it!
Since the holidays are so close, check out the Express holiday catalog they always have some coupon or deal that makes their stuff really affordable. In all honesty their clothing is a little pricey than I normal shop for but I can't deny that it's worth it. I am literally in love with the materials they use.
If you were able to come down, let me know what you bought! I loved going through all my friends bags to check out their items! haha
I came out with a few blouses, a dress, some shirts, a pair of jeans and appreciation for the brand. Thank you Express Canada!
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