Beauty & The Beat: Bassbuds review

Did I just make a Justin Bieber reference? Yes, yes I did, you are free to leave if you'd like but I promise the only thing Justin Bieber in this post is THIS:

BUAHAHAHAHAHA WHY YES, YES I DID BUY A JB T-SHIRT (link)! I got an e-mail from Ardene showcasing their shirts and... it's 2/20.. and I have another JB fan friend so WHY NOT. WE WILL JAM.

Onto the actual purpose of this post..

Disclaimer: I was sent Bassbuds to try and review, what's written is 100% my honest opinion.

I'm a headphones girl most of the time, I like my music to sound crisp and block out the rest of the world. There are downsides to this, like not being able to wear high ponytails/buns (like in the photos) or hearing when people talk to you.. or like today when someone on the train starts yelling at you (really appreciate your manners old lady on the train).

I pretty much never wear earbuds because the ones I've tried always fall out of my ears because they're too big and my tragus piercing doesn't make things easier. I was anxious to try these out and I was so, so hoping to get some cool orange colour and I got...


So, 98% of you will all be jealous of my newly acquired ear buds, I actually dislike pink and was a bit disappoint, I admit, but at least they really stand out and look different. I like things that look different!

They come with different sizes for those squishy ear bed things and I immediately put the small ones in and they fit perfectly. What was more surprising what that it didn't fall out of my left ear (tragus piercing), my other ear buds NEVER would stay in.

...derp, wrong ear! But hey, you get to see one of the things that really distinguishes Bassbuds from the rest. Genuine Swaroski crystal, yep that's right, there's REAL bling on your ear! I'm not a huge crystals person for most things but I like a little and I think it's quite the nice touch to these.

 There is a mic! Hallelujah! If there is one thing that would make me switch to buds, it's having a mic. I listen to music when I'm out most of the time and when I get calls it's a nuisance to take off my headphones so I can hear and talk to whomever is calling me. I tested these by calling some people and was told my voice actually sounded more clear than normal, bonus!

You also have the option to not only play and pause by pressing this little guy but also control the volume, go to the next song or one previous. Unfortunately for me it doesn't seem compatible with my phone (Nexus S, Google Play Music app); all I'm able to do is play and pause. This really isn't an issue for me but when I get my new phone (hi Nexus 4!) I'm hoping it'll work because it is a cool option and would make things easier for me. Anyone have these and use a newer modelled phone?

The cord is "Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity" now, I don't know much about cords but I know 90% of the time when my headphones break it's because I've done something to the wire which is always plastic. Even my fibre wire phones broke! I was most excited to see this part. They don't even feel plasticy or anything!

Welcome to my fail hair-bow, hey, it was my first try!

Noise-control: since I switched to the smaller squishy bed things, they fit my ear comfortable and do a really good job at noise control. This is probably what I'm most shocked at. Noise control is very important to me, I don't want to hear people chatting on the subway or the traffic when I'm outside, just the music. These really block outside noise exceptionally, not as much as my headphones but my friends and family often complain about not being able to get my attention and really, hearing a little bit of the outside is better for safety reasons too.

Comfort: I wore these for around 3~4 hours straight today to test and didn't feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. The beds (what is the official name for those squishy things?!) are very soft and because they fit so nicely in my ears I don't feel discomfort.

Bassbuds has the whole fashion aspect down pat. they have a pretty killer "fashion collection", my personal favourites are Envy and Rhythm. Even though I'm not a fan of pink I admit it really stands out in person, I'm not sure if these pictures even do it justice, it IS a nice design. Even the buttons, they're small but sleek. 

Sound Quality: at first I wasn't impressed but I know a lot of ear buds and headphones have a "burn-out" time. If you don't know you basically fresh-out-of-the-box headphones and earbuds usually need time to adjust and mature their sound (more info here). I used them as my main music source and definitely noticed a difference afterwards. Once "burned-in" the sound was stellar! I wouldn't say it's as crisp as my headphones but a good second runner.

Overall I'm very satisfied with these and am glad to own a pair. I would definitely recommend these if noise control and sound quality is important AND if you want something to differentiate from the other ear-buds around town. Ear-buds are super small and great to slip in my purse (unlike my headphones, I still love you even though you have your flaws!).

Filosophie readers get $30 off their purchase with this code: BB75264 

So, I told you what my favourite pairs are, now it's your turn! Check out BassBuds and let me know you're favourite design! What do you usually use, ear buds or headphones?


  1. i'm loving the colors of the ear buds :D and lovely picturessssss girl , your skin looks FLAWLESS!!! love it ^^

  2. these seem great! I always have trouble finding a decent pair of earphones for a reasonable price and I swear they always side always goes out which is really frustrating. Maybe I just damage the wires too much with the way I stuff things in my bag. thanks for the review! you look beautiful in these photos :)

  3. That's my thing too, my previous ear buds have never lasted me a year, I even have a bad track record with headphones. I currently own a Sennheiser brand head phones which I've had for over a year but I did have to get it repaired once, the wire was the problem. >< So I'm curious to see how long these will last me! It was fun reviewing these because it gave me an excuse to listen to music for hours and just rock out. hahaha

    Thank you!

  4. You would!! hahaha

    Thanks! My skin is bi-polar, I swear, one time it'll look amazing, then not so much.. I'm thinking of doing a HG skincare item post but I really don't have much on there. It'll be in the works.

  5. this sounds very promising!
    i am a headphone girl myself but it is a hassle to carry them with me.

    btw, i love love your hair!
    you're going to have to do a tutorial for us!! ;)

  6. I use earbuds in summer and headphones as earwarmers in winter! :D :D Actualy I'm a bit disappointed I never need my fluffy earwarmers, but it's more convenient to have my headphones.
    But for earbuds, I HATE these soft, squishy ones, whatever you would call it in English. I haaaaate the feeling they give inside my ear, like a vacuum. I rather hear no music than with these, lol. I always have hardplastic earbuds :D

    I honestly have to say I didn't give a shit about these headphones and just looked at your awesome pictures in awe :D Love the hairdo, did the ribbon too when I had long hair (or is this a clip-on?) Whatever it is, I love it!

  7. haha I can do a tutorial once I master it... it was my first shot and lackluster. Pretty cool though! ;)

  8. Whaaat! You like the plastic ones better! The squishy things are my favourite!!! haha I have these really cute fluffy ear warmers that I never got a chance to wear because I'd just use my headphones. haha music > fashion > warmth ;D

  9. I like how they have the feature of the speaker!! I need new earphones soon :P Darn crappy ones always go wonky on me..

  10. I love your facials. And i hate to admit it, but JB is getting better with his songs =P

  11. love love love

    xoxo Wengie