Violet (Blytheye) Thunder

Sunday, September 09, 2012

You're probably question my title right now. Violet (Blytheye) Thunder? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Well, besides the fairly obvious Violet Blytheye LENS review, I'm also inserting a fashion look in which my lovely thunder thighs get some screen time. muahaha

And guess what? I was totally in the process of turning this into a video. My camera isn't connecting to my laptop properly though. I will figure it out. However, I'm here to tease you with a gif of what COULD HAVE BEEN. T^T

Disclaimer: I was sent these from Uniqso to review. Honest review, my opinions are my own. :)

Dollyeye is quickly becoming one of my favourite lens companies. They're made by EOS, which I'm partial towards but thinking back, all of my Dollyeye pairs have been more comfortable than my EOS pairs. As for Uniqso, I'm commented about my experiences with them before. Absolutely love them, great customer service, there's always some great promotion going on/giveaways and fast shipping. I always go back to Uniqso. :)

Enlargement: 4/5
These are a 14.8mm and.. you can totally see an enlargement. I love it! It's not TOO big which I feared anything more than a 14.2mm would be but.. I guess it's really not too much of a difference. Trying to picture myself wearing a 16.0mm pair and looking like an alien.. ha!

Comfort: 4/5
VERY COMFORTABLE!!! Just as much as my favourite Nudy pair and UNLIKE my not so amazing brown version, I can also see perfectly well with them on. Bonus!

Design/Colour: 3.5/5
The design is fairly simple; I'm pretty indifferent towards it however the colour is GORGEOUS! I definitely have a thing for violet lenses. I would wear these out even though they're unnatural!

Overall: 4/5
I LOVE THESE. I was a little hesitant when I was first asked about them since I wasn't a huge fan of the Dolly Eye Browns (EOS's version of these) but you know.. I like I like Dollyeye more than EOS.

You can find this pair HERE (look to my sidebar for a discount code!) :)


After I took these, I called my bud and we went out for some fashion pictures. I'm really loving doing these fashion posts.

I'm really getting into white.. I know, it's after labour day but as if I'm going to follow that rule! HA! I'm also really into business chic. I've been buying a lot of pencil skirts and blouse's, blazers.. you name it. I still like adding a little rock items too, so you'll either find me wearing bright colours or something more subdued. This time 'round, you get bright.

I love wearing blues and oranges together so I popped in my favourite orange feather earrings. A lot of people commented on my shoes, which took me by surprise. I hadn't worn them in years.. I actually bought them and never wore them! I believe these are actually from Walmart, believe it or not! They're surprisingly comfortable but as I never worn them.. they need to be broken in. ><


 Hope you guys are all doing well! I start class tomorrow, first class is Chinese poetry (it's translated into English). Not sure how I feel about it...

What was the class you liked least during your school years? From the ones I've already taken my Korean political history class was the worst. Though that's mainly because my professor didn't know how to teach.

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