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Monday, July 30, 2012

The other day I was having a moment; I was very thankful for starting up Filosophie because of all the friends I've gained but also because of all my previous friendships. So many of my friends have helped me out with Filosophie, BIG THANKS to all my photographer friends. I know we're helping each other out but I super appreciate all of you guys! Thanks to my readers, commenters and subscribers. *grabs tissue* ♥♥

Today I am here with a fashion post. I never though I could get into fashion posts but that has changed. I find fashion photography to be extremely fun. I really like working with my body, maybe it's because I've got a few staple portrait poses and it's harder to be creative with those than with full body shots.

(click hype, I know you want to ;P )

Preview of what you'll find under the cut! Click "read more" after the photo!

Funny story about these lying down shots. I had forgotten to erase my memory card and so we only had about 50 shots? I can't remember exactly but we did a lot of standing up shots, of course, and then we had 7 shots left and I remember saying to my photog friend, 'let's get creative' I laid down and he kind of directed me and these came out. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Looks fucking editorial and I can hardly believe it's me.

I was sent the dress from OASAP and I wasn't sure what to expect. I find it difficult ordering clothing from Asian based online stores but so far everything I've received from them has fit really well. This was no expection! IT IS SO COMFORTABLE OMFG I COULD SLEEP IN IT! I literally thought this was going to be really uncomfortable.. I only chose this dress because it looks fucking hott.

LINK TO THE EXACT DRESS - the kicker? It's only $30!

It is a bit short, which makes it a great club dress. Not that I go to clubs but I'd like to keep this in my closet. You never know when I'll need and ultra sexy black dress! ;P

The back is translucent, didn't realize that when I got it either. haha

Next up I'll have a DIY post then a lens review I'm super pumped about (if you're a Twitter follower you know exactly which one I mean too ;)). CAN'T WAIT!

Since I haven't gotten around to updating myself with your lives, let me know what you guys did on the weekend! I went to a fancy bar for a friends birthday. HAPPY BELATED SAM!!!

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