EOS Dolly Eye Brown Review

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So, sometimes I'm a little bit of a bad fan and forget when my favourite artists are releasing singles/music.. it's happened frequently this summer since I've somehow managed to overwork myself. Let me introduce to you an Italian song that just released from a favourite artist of mine.


I love my Italian pop. It kind of has a reggae feel to it too, I'm in a soca phase right now so this definitely hits the spot.
Okay.. so onto the real purpose of this entry!

A lens review! hehehe it's been a while since I've done one! I bought these originally for my C2 cosplay but didn't end up wearing them. Continue reading to find out why!

I bought these from KK Circle Lenses, I've shopped from them before and really appreciate their customer service. Plus, it's face trade so much faster than waiting around for companies outside my country.

left: without, right: with
Pretty dramatic, eh? They were exactly what I needed for my C2 cosplay, sadly I didn't wear them the day of. Actually, they're one of two pairs I bought for that weekend. I ended up without wearing any lens, which was probably for the best since I don't know if my eyes would take well to wearing lenses for such long periods of time!

I do appreciate the dramatic flare but I wouldn't recommend these as everyday lenses. I would definitely double take if I saw someone wear these out..

Comfort: the main reason I didn't wear these are that I don't find them that comfortable. After a few minutes my eyes adjusted but they still weren't as comfy as my other Dollyeye/EOS lenses. I wore them for a little more than an hour.

Design: Although pretty simple, I like the dramatic flare of the design; the colour is always pretty opaque and vibrant. Will definitely cover whatever colour eye you have, however.. how the hell is that brown?! lol

Enlargement: At 14.0mm the enlargement is minimal. However this is a size I prefer and suits me well.

Overall: 3/5, it's not really me thing and unless I'm doing some crazy shoot I don't picture me wearing them again.

That's it folks! I've got some exciting things planned and once I organize my life more I'll get on them! To be honest I've been suffering from bad anxiety lately. Fear not I've already spoken to my doctor about it though; I'm going to go back on my exercise plan and I'll have to force myself to eat. I'm so busy I have no appetite... can you believe I lost 10lbs?! Ridiculous!!!


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