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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hey guys! HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS! Long time no talk, eh! I didn't want to write a half assed post so I just took my time. I was waiting for some photos to be sent to me and voila, I am all ready now! THIS IS A FASHION POST!

But first.. let's take a look at my chipmunk face! I know you're all dying to see if I ended up looking like this:

Alas, I (luckily) didn't swell much! Nor did I bruise.. the healing process was still one of the most uncomfortable though. By day three I already had my first meal planned out in my head.

"to me there's no difference"

My tongue is actually still numb a week later so I have to wait a month until I see my surgeon to see if there's any permanent damage. ><

I had my first STUDIO shoot with... JUSTIN GARAK. Thank you for asking me to help you test out  your new lights because I had a blast and this is my new favourite photo of me ready.

So different to what I'm used to. I love studio lights! Thanks again! There are more from this set but I want to keep these ones specific to the dress I was waiting. Hold on for the rest of them. :3

VEST: Urban Behavior
BOOTS: Call It Spring
BELT: Thrift

Want more? Well, lucky you I'm here to deliver! Y'all are going to become sick of my face from this post! hahahaha I did my make-up for studio lighting so it's waaaay too dark in the outside shots, but WHATEVER. ENJOY.

Photos below are credited towards Maria Kulesza


The slit in the skirt part is my FAVOURITE. I love my legs, and I love showing off my legs. thanks for making it possible, easily!

Below here are from Dan Tran

The dress is super fun and flow-y. I bumped into my aunt who said that I looked like a princess!! hahahaha I wont lie though, I have quite a large torso so I added the vest to give my waist more definition. I absolutely love how it turned out!!

My hair was curly originally.. ;sigh;

anyway, HOW IS EVERYONE?!!

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