A Little Update + giveaways!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I know what you're thinking, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, TWO POSTS IN A WEEK?!?! AFTER NEGLECTING US FOR SO LONG?! keh, it's because I love you guys! haha okay I just decided to write this to update you guys about the next week.

I AM GETTING MY WISDOM TEETH OUT (next Friday)! Follow me on Twitter for hilarious updates I'm sure. My friend just got his out and he's so funny to talk to right now I can't even properly explain it. All of you who've gotten them out and have been on meds know what I'm talking about. Look forward to pictures of me as a chipmunk, you bet I'll be taking some! I'm actually very excited to have a few days of rest.. I've literally been out of my house from 9am-10pm for the past few weeks, no lie. I'M TIRED! All work and school, no partying. I had a lovely conversation with Airi the other day where we talked about how we are unlike most people our age group.. haha

Also, Val is hosting a giveaway for Loose Buttons! I think you all need to check it out because it's FULL sized Lancome products!! Michelle Phan is actually in Toronto today and is going to have a short interview and autograph session. I was planning on going but I a) didn't realize Val would be back in Canada thus I'd have a friend to get with so, b) I accepted an extra work shift. NOOOOOOOO. Oh well.

CLICK HERE and check out her post! Also, some people of LB's FB page were accusing Val of being paid to write this. I assure you she's not the type to do that without notifying her readers. You would know if she was being paid to do something!!! *protective friend*

AND Stephanie is having a Cover F/x giveaway.. which has to be one of my favourite brands. I've been using their concealer for a while now. If you ever get a chance, try any of their products!

OASAP.COM is having this neat little giveaway too. You basically just vote for dresses you like and someone can win. ENTER HERE

I don't know which one is my favourite but I know I'm currently in a dress and skirt phase. I think I'm a legs girl...

I have lens reviews, swatches and reviews coming up. Look forward to them!


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