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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Please do no read under the care of any medication or alcohol, doing so may cause an internal explosion from the sheer amount of coolness in this post. I take no responsibility for any sporadic love you send my way. I will, however, accept with open arms. Bow chicka wow wow ;)

"We are not terrorists. We are heroes of justice." Photo by Herbiecde
Let's just start out with the best photo (imo) of the bunch. Photo taken by this amazing guy, take a look at his photostream. So many lovely shots. Thanks again for taken out photo!!

Hey guys! Long time no see! I've been a bit busy but I haven't forgotten you guys -NEVER! hehe anyway, I decided to just pump this post out. I wanted to wait a bit for more of the professional photos to come out but I decided I can always make a separate entry for that anyway! If you follow me on Twitter you saw the progress (a.k.a frustration) with making my costume..

My giveaway ends in a bit, make sure to enter!

Going from this:

To this:

To this!

I wont lie, I did a majority of it in two days. There was so much and I think if I took the time I could have made it a really amazing costume however, I'm not seamstress. I've never been taught how to sew, it's all trial and error! I've learned a lot from this and will improve on the next try!

 So day one Eric came to my house so we could pick up Maria and head to the hotel all together. We stayed at a hotel that's a 20ish minute walk from the con... TIRING! Especially after a long day out. Wearing heels! >< But it's worth it because we got a king suit (in fact, THE EXACT SAME ROOM AS LAST YEAR!! LOL) so we get a fridge, vanity area, living room..etc basically, it was amazing.

Eric was Finn the human from Adventure Times and Maria was Karen/Kallen from Code Geass. I was C.C/C2 from Code Geass!

We decided that in order to save money we would each bring food for everyone to share. We should after all have a fridge (which, turns out didn't work properly the first day.. hilarity insured). I made sooo much food, spicy fish cakes, bean sprout salad, fried dandelion... take a look at Eric trying dandelion for the first time.

LOL he hates it so much. Maria didn't like it much either... Needless to say I was the only one eating dandelion that weekend.

Obviously we had an impromptu photoshoot in our hotel room. That's totally normal. yep.


Cuuute! Eric and I eating our lunch on day two while Maria went to go find out about SHINeee~

kind of. 

not really.
lol okay not really... but you get what we were trying to do..

So funny story, as a child when I watched Jurassic Park I had nightmares for three months. THREE MONTHS. Dinosaurs freak me OUT. Who did I not expect to see at the con but saw? THIS MOTHER ******!!!!!

I was scared but Dan wanted a photo with them.. so I joined in with his protection. haha

click to see these scary creatures at large
I don't know who was in these costumes, but kudos to you.

On the bright side though, I got to me a recent love of mine.
TONY STARK. Not really, but an imitation is good enough for me!!

Dear Mr. Wolverine. I don't know who you are, but you my good sir, are the perfect person to cosplay as Wolverine.

Oh you think that's it. NO WAY JOSE!

BOB FROM REBOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know ReBoot.. I feel sorry for you son. It's a Canadian show so I understand why you wouldn't but if you're into this kind of thing. WATCH IT!!! It was a show way ahead of it's time, so much amazing. Not to mention my childhood (animated) crush was this guy:

Oh baby! Seriously, Tuxedo Mask has nothing on Matrix. lol maybe I should make a list of my childhood cartoon crushes one day. I realize how strange that sounds but I DON'T CAAARE (eh eh eh eh ehhh).

Tinaye and myself. I think this photo is so adorable. lol

 I photobomed their photo... haha

We didn't really attend any panels.. our main goal that weekend was to get our photo taken. lol We definitely accomplished that (sorry for the spam if you were on my FB).

I was so excited, we exchanged numbers a few days beforehand and got along instantly. We're definitely going to become good friends. SENDING YOU LOVE!! ♥♥♥

Credits to Paul:
 She was a great Jubilee!!! (did you see the Wolverine???? haha)

Maria and I woke up early and raced to another hotel for a Code Geass shoot but.. we literally missed it by a minute. NOOOOOOOO~ nevertheless that's where we met Dan. Our fabulous Zero whom we spend a good majority of the weekend with. SO HAPPY WE MET YOU!!! 

Seriously, isn't his outfit amazing? He said it took him a little under a year to make. You can definitely see all the hard work he put into it. I can easily say he was the best Zero of the weekend.

Kallen/Karen - another one by Herbiecide
Aaaand here's Eric testing out Marz' camera and taking my photo.. haha

I bought some really cool necklaces in the vendors area.. these are actually the only things I bought.. haha I already lost the crystal somewhere in my room... >< And, if you don't already know, I have a thing with FAKE spiders. :D


LOL photo cred to Trevor (thanks!) he asked for a funny photo and pedobear ran up and started rubbing me.....

And here are some cool shots at night we took.

It was funny because we had numbered poses, so the first thing we'd ask photographers was, "pick a number from 1-5" some were confused and we had to explain it's because WE WERE PREPARED!! Impressed a bunch of folk! hehe


#4 photo by Val
 Oh and I met another awesome CC. Loved her costume and she's such a sweet girl!! Her friend Trevor took this photo. She made her costume herself and it looks soooo professional! I definitely felt a bit ashamed that mine was so half-assed after seeing hers. haha

 I think Eric took the one above...

Oh and Lynda, this is for you!! She's a hardcore Code Geass fan and wanted "Karen" and I to fight over Zero (his love interests in the show).


 Aaand, I must admit. There were a lot of cuties at AN. lol pleasant surprise!
 I don't know who this person is but I remember thinking he was cute. lol

All in all I had such a fun time. It was a blast rooming with Marz and Eric (it's kind of our tradition) and although I was cranky the last day (uncomfy bed + no kitchen = grumpy Filo) I met a ton of amazing people, started new friendships, had a blast taking photos, found out taking photos for three days straight is incredibly tiring, loved making my costume and seeing others. ♥♥♥

And, finally I will end this post with this...


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