Under Your Tones: Finding The Perfect Red.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I apologize for not updating last week, I usually post once a week (my ideal) but I had finals and focused on those. For all those curious, I believe I did really well, last semester I raised my average by 10% and I believe I continued that streak this term. I'm very happy! Also, I now have 100 followers! Thanks to each and every one of you who have followed me, leave me comments and just browse my site. As thanks, I will be hosting a giveaway soon (I'm waiting for the products to reach me). ^___^

I know you've seen and/ heard of undertones but if you're anything like me, you don't know what your undertones are, or how to find out. Well, I'm here to help because it's something I just found out and boy does it make a world of a difference. I know so many of you are scared of red lipstick, and it's HARD to find the right shade if you don't know your undertones.. you're basically playing a game of Russian Roulette. haha

I'm hoping this post will be informational to all of you!

Photo from The Beauty Department
Porcelain skin is approximately 95% pink and 5% yellow
Fair skin is approximately 65% pink and 35% yellow
Olive skin is approximately 5% pink and 95% yellow
Deep skin can be either red- or olive-toned.1

"Cool skin tones are identifiable by bluish colored veins. People with cooler skin tones may notice pinkish or rosy-red undertones when looking in the mirror. Eye color can range from light blue to dark brown and anywhere in between. Most people have cool skin, including people with dark skin and tan skin.
Warm skin tones are identifiable by greenish colored veins. People with warmer skin tones may notice yellow or golden-apricot undertones when looking in the mirror. Eye color can, again, be any color. People who's natural hair color is red, orange, or strawberry blonde almost always have warm skin. Sometimes hair may be more brown, but it will have a reddish tint. People with darker skin are not usually warm-skinned." Wikihow

 Jemma Kidd's Make-up Masterclass book says that pink undertones suit cool blue-based colours, while warmer yellow undertones suit orange-based shades. Seeing as cooler colours tend to look better on me, I guess I have pink undertones and thus look better with cooler based colours. Makes sense seeing how much I love how my plum lipstick looks on me. haha

Irrelevant photo is irrelevant.
If you take a look at your veins and they look blue that means you have blue-pink undertones, if your veins look green, then you are warm based.2   When I read this I would look at my veins and I just.. could not for the life of me decide whether my veins looked more blue or green. They seem turquoise to me! Even after finding out my proper undertone I still think they look middle-ground.

Lip products used below swatched
 However.. after looking at this photo my veins seem to look more blue. HMMMM

Play around with the colours you have and see what looks better on you. I have green eyes and sometimes I'll like to play with green shadow to really bring them out but I have a much harder time finding the right shade of green than I do say, purple. Apparently, warm-tones people look better in "earthy" tones (green, yellow, brown..etc), cool-tones look best with "jewel tones" (pinks, blues, and whites).3
Now, go grab some silver and gold jewelery and put it against your skin; cool tones are going to look best with silver, platinum, and white gold where are warm tones will look best with gold, pewter, brass and copper.4

How does it all fit in? Well, if you want to wear red lipstick, knowing what undertones will work best for you will really help picking out the right shade.

I think the best thing to do is go to a make-up counter and ask (more than one) make-up artists their opinion! I also found this post written by Sudobeautify to be helpful (she includes photos as well).

Yea, we all have our red lipstick moments, don't we? I'm currently in a lipstick phase and I don't want to leave! However, all the red lipstick I own looks horrible on me, makes my teeth look yellow and they certainty aren't like that normally! I threw them all out except for one and a few months ago I got a beautiful red lipstick from Loose Buttons that, shocker, actually matched my skin and undertones so perfectly. It hit me then, all I had to do was put the lipstick near my teeth and see if it gave a yellow tint or not. The warmed based reds make my teeth look yellow whereas the cooler tones make my teeth look white! Wooo!!

If you're in a store and feel uncomfortable doing that, you can swatch them on your wrist and see what gives out a warm/cool cast. See what works for you! Play around with it. ^3^

Sephora Super nourishing lip balm
Quo Glass Gloss "Brilliant Diamant Quartz" (I dot some gloss in the centre parts of my upper and lower lips)
bhcosmetics waterproof lip liner - Blossom

Maybelline Moisture Extreme - d160 "Cool Watermelon"
Luminelle Rouge Dragée - r102 "La Gacilly"

 A lot of people don't moisturize/condition before they apply lipstick, I never did and as someone with perpetual dry lips this is a huge no-no. I heard MACs lip conditioner is amazing, I haven't personally tried it though. I'm also told to stay away from lip balm, however, I'm using Sephora's Lip Balm here because I like it (at night I now slather my lips with shea butter).

So, let's check out how both lipsticks make my teeth look. First up, Maybelline's Extreme Moisture lipstick (which I happen to love even though I bought it a while ago and rarely use it. LOL)

B O O. NO GOOD!!!!! This is reason why I never wear this lipstick. I LOVE the colour but the moment I open my mouth I want to shut it. Yves Rocher Luminelle Rouge Dragée lipstick however...

I happen to have the perfect matching lip liner colour for it so I went a head and lined my lips. I wanted my colour to last! I took off the last colour, re-conditioned and applied liner!

No yellow tint, yay!!

Now, to horrify you all, I put together this up close shot of how the lipsticks really cast of a yellow or white colour.

Do you see?! It's pretty amazing when put side-by-side like that.

I actually planned to film this post but.. my netbook broke and I need it to control the auto focus on my slr. I need to buy another one in the next few weeks so I will still film this.. maybe. ;)

I hope that helped you guys out! And if you have any advice and/ other tips, please share in the comments!
1. Jemma Kidd - "Make-up Masterclass: Beauty bible of professional techniques and wearable looks" 2009.
2. Bellaonline.
3. Wisegeek.
4. Wikihow - Choose the Right Jewelery for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape.

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