Aria: Warrior Princess. Make-up Look!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

So, these photos are also a would-be video. I'm too in love with this look not to film it once I have my set-up all ready. So I will definitely be re-creating this. I'm not sure exactly what I wanted to do with this look. I wanted to play around with lash glue creating textures but I ended up ditching that idea last minute and came out with this instead. Also, the stuff for my giveaway finally shipped in, so hopefully I'll have a giveaway post up and ready by next week! People who follow my before the post are going to get a bonus entry. :3

Aria, warrior princess.

I think this is a great look for a costume party. Grab some black pants, some fitted shirt, add some chains.. haha e' voila! I really like how my hair turned out. I'm horrible at doing hair, so I like all the braids and such.

I played around with the colours to kind of create a glamour magazine look. 'Shopped my hair purple (because it's my newest love, would dye it irl if I could!). What do you guys think? ^___^

Truthfully I'm a little disappointed in these photos since they don't show the detail in the make-up. I'll have to take more when I re-do it I guess!

I really can't wait till I get my ultrabook/netbook/laptop/whatever so I can start filming. I plan on filming with my slr but I need something to control it!

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