Look Book here I come!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Spring is here and the inner fashion lover is erupting. I don't know if I'll stick to Look Book but so far I like it. Any one else have an account there??

I was browsing OASAP.com when I came across this beauty. The default photo is of a white blazer, which I also find sexy but when I saw that it came in orange, I didn't even have to think about which one I'd get. lol Obviously. The label says Zara Basic, I'm a little surprised actually, not sure if it's real but quality was it matches up.

I'm kind of in love and have been wearing it often. Repping my favourite contrasting colour! ;)

Happy Easter for all those celebrating today (..or yesterday ><). Easter used to be my second favourite holiday but it feels different this year. Since so much has happened no one is in a cheerful mood and.. well, since my grandmother isn't hosting the meal I'll most likely be left with bread, cheese and veggies. As my mother likes to tell people not to worry about me, I can manage on just those! ;sigh; I know she's trying not to pressure the hosts or anything but considering we're family it'd be nice if I actually got to eat a meal.

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