Tips On Cutting Your Own Hair!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I haven't been to a salon in years. Mainly because I hate spending money on things I can do myself. Cutting your own hair isn't too hard, unless you want a drastic change. I give myself layers and trim my own hair. I thought I'd take some photos while I cut my hair to show you guys it's not too difficult!

Things that you need:
  1. Hair cutting scissors (try not to use regular kitchen scissors. The blade wont give a sharp cut and it's more likely to induce split ends that actually take them away! You can easily find these scissors at any drugstore/department store. I bought mine from Shoppers Drugmart)
  2. *optional* Electric razor (if you're using the Creaclip at least)
  3. *optional* Creaclip! What is the Creaclip you ask?

The Creaclip is a handy little device that made trimming and layering very easy. I bought mine off of eBay a little while ago for $20-30 (can't really remember). Buy the Japanese version!!! It's the exact same thing as the American one! The English one is more expensive because.. it's in English? Targetted especially for us. haha Anyway, here is a video to demonstrate how it works exactly.

Now let's start with the most important tip. Hair grows. If you mess up, it's really not a huge deal. START SMALL and work shorter to see what you like. If you cut a little too much, in a few weeks you'll be fine, it'll grown even..etc EVERY TIME I cut my hair. I hate it immediately afterwards. It's not until a few days after that I really like it.

Now.. I'm apart of the small forehead club. I like bangs, but alas my forehead doesn't really allow it!

two finger forehead!
As you can see here, my layers have grown too much too! Going to work on those later after. I really, really wanted some sort of bangs. I can't do blunt across since it wouldn't look good so I decided to just frame my face better. You can see my shortest layer is a bit under my chin. I'm going to shorten that using the Creaclip!


Part your hair in the form of a triangle. Choose a point up top and venture outward from there.

I'm using the straight across, blue Creaclip. I like to twist my bangs because I read somewhere it gives off a better effect. You don't have to twist it, you can just cut straight. I used my razor to cut off the hair below (also note, there is a level on the hair so you can see if it's straight! No worries for those worries of cutting crooked).

After cutting I still want it shorter; also I want to be able to switch my part from each side. How you do this is by splitting your bangs part in half and cutting upward, cut shorter and you get to the center. Think of an imaginary triangle again! To make sure you get the other side even you can take a bit from the cut side and shape it from there. Personally I just eyeball it though.

E' voila! If you want side, angled-bangs you can take the Creaclip and make it off centered. Imagine it like the slash\ symbol. If you want blunt, straight across, simply just cut across! I should mention, if you want a natural/ not a blunt look, cut upward. The knives of the scissors should be facing upward, try not to cut straight across.


Now taking the white, larger Creaclip, flip your hair down and part where your first batch of layer will start. Put the rest aside with a hairtie.

It's almost like magic this thing.. haha You can cut across and it'll look a bit straight, but the moment you raise your face, there are layers!!!!

my face... lol
I do this about two times, increasing the part and cutting less hair each time.

the results!

I believe this is the easier of the three. Part your hair evenly in two. Grab your hair with your index finger, middle finger and ring finger (look at the picture). Your index and ring fingers should be towards your face while your hair is in-between the mentioned above and your middle finger.

Do this while looking straight!! If you grasp your hair while looking down you wont have an even trim. Hold the hair tightly with your fingers (so that if you look elsewhere you'll still hold an even trim) and lift it up and cut downward or look down, keeping the hair where it is and cut upward. I do the latter. You can bring parts of this side to the uncut side to use as a guider as to how much to cut.

The above is just for a straight across cut. If you want a V/U shape is gets a bit trickier, basically just imagine cutting a V/U in half and cutting like each half. So for a V shape, on your right side you would be cutting the shorter piece from the inner part to outer part. A U shape would be similar except it wouldn't be as blunt as a V.

this is actually before I did the layers but I lost my photos and didn't have a final shot. ><

And that's it! You're done! Hopefully you found this helpful. Any of your guys out there cut your own hair as well?

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