January Luxe Box and Smart Cover Reviews!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

 It's baaaaaaaaaaaaack! There is also a review for Smart Cover Concealer under the cut.

 Just when I was thinking about cancelling my Luxe Box, they send me a sweet package like this! Here is what was included in this months Luxe Box!

  • Fekkai Shampoo&Conditioner samples
  • Schlick razor!
  • NYX eyeshow (in 'Dust Sparkle')
  • Chi Silk Infusion
  • Seattle's Best Coffee
  • Chloe Perfume
  • Luminelle Lipstick in 'La Gacilly'

 My favourite product is the lipstick and Chi silk infusion. They are amazing! I've been wearing the lipstick nearly everyday since I got it! It's a lovely fushia colour which I didn't swatch but there will be an upcoming FOTD featuring it! The NYX shadow doesn't have much pigment to it but man, you can REALLY see the sparkles! I was a little shocked at that to be honest. The Fekkai Shampoo and conditioner samples are AMAZING. I love them and would definitely buy the full size products if they ever go on sale. The Chloe perfume is a very fresh scent which I like (I just have so many perfume they don't excite me so much haha). I don't really drink coffee but I tried out Seattle's Best and it was good, though I didn't notice anything spectacular about it but as I mentioned, I don't really drink coffee. Oh wait, my third favourite is the Schlick razor. MAD LOVE IT'S SO AMAZING! I looked up the razor refills and they're $20-30!!! Am I just finding the wrong product or what?! That can't be true can it...?!


Covering Acne/Tattoos With Smart Cover Concealing Cream: A Review

I bought this concealing cream (in light beige) last summer from One Last Touch on eBay, they're currently re-locating their warehouse so they no longer have this one in stock but you can buy it from Smart Cover's official site. I can't remember exactly how much I paid but I believe it was around 20$CAD.

What it claims: Use this one-step cover-up to conceal major to minor skin imperfections on the face and body., without clogging pores.

  • Goes on creamy smooth, spreads quickly and evenly
  • Dries dry with no setting powder, no mess
  • Convenient, portable, packable tubes means no scooping, mixing or spatula
  • Dermatologist-tested: non-comedogenic, allergy tested, fragrance-free, no animal testing
  • Smudge-resistant, water-proof, non-greasy; stays fresh looking through heat, humidity, perspiration
  • Exciting new technology works for both face and body, for most skin types
  • Offers range of coverage, from light touch-ups to completely opaque, in range of natural skin tone shades

What I think: I really like this concealer. It does what it says. It's very dense but that's what makes it so good. I think it's a little harder to blend out with a brush so just patting your fingertips so the warmth from your body transfers and melts the concealer a bit aids in the blending process.

 Hormonal breakouts, yay! :'( I took this chance to make use of the concealer. I don't use it too often since my bb cream tends to be enough but on days like these...

A little really goes a long way. What I used to swatch above was used where ever needed all over my face. I first pat a small amount on then blend with my fingertips. It also matches my skin-tone very well (I was a bit nervous of this). Below is a zoom of the effects.

Because the formula is so dense you don't need a lot and it will last for you a good while. So it's worth it for the price. It's not moisturising but I don't think it's drying either. It doesn't make me flake. I have used this product when I was trying to "erase" my eyebrows.

This is with the concealer blended in, I am not wearing any foundation/bb cream.

During my break the other day I asked if I could attempt to cover up Sophie's tattoo. I didn't have too much time and forgot to bring a primer and foundation so this is strictly with the concealer.

It did a fairly good job covering but as you can see, the black still seeps through.It's not a very good colour match either, and this is the lightest shade! I feel like if I used a primer, and had foundation/bb cream on top it would have covered really well. Sophie said she had to really scrub to get it off! haha So I guess it's long lasting. I've seen videos of people using this to cover birth marks on their face and it was instant so now I'm wondering what trick they used. lol Maybe it's just best for lighter acne spots since it did a fantastic job on my face. !

It's listed as $16.5USD on the official site and it comes in six different shades.

A bit late but this was my make-up look for a family night out (using the concealer and Scinic BB cream!)! Too much lighting but I took it in a rush. ><

It didn't photograph well but my lids had a metallic silver shadow from my lid to crease. It looked really pretty but I couldn't figure out the right settings to show it off. woops!

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