Eos Bubble Gray and Turning Into A Vamp Queen

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First, I'd like to apologize for getting behind in reading your entries. It's mid-term month and I've got large projects due soon as well. Reading week is next week though so I'll certainly catch up then! Please be patient with me. c:

So I bought EOS bubble grey lenses from honeycolor.com I wanted a grey pair and I wasn't expecting it to look so.. haunting. I LOVE IT.

Eos Bubble Gray on light (green) eyes!
Without make-up they look quite film-y and unnatural on MY eyes. I personally think on dark eyes they would be suitable everyday for a more intense look. I look like a freaking alien with these lenses in and no make-up. lol SO creepy (but I love it). The colour is pretty opaque so I believe they'd stand up to darker coloured eyes.

I wanted to do dark make-up to contract such light eyes and this sort of just happened. I turned into a vampire queen!

 After I took a few photos.. my battery died. DOH! So while charging it I attempted to curl my hair. I'm HORRIBLE at curling hair but it turned out decent. lol I've recently found a way to make my hair voluminous and wavy the whole day. It's on my to-blog-about list, fear not! Anyway, I wore these lenses for about 2-3 hours while getting ready and taking photos and they were very comfortable. I find all EOS lenses are though.. they're my bias! I will one day venture out... haha

 There isn't a huge enlarging effect as they're only 14.8mm but that is the exactly enlargement that I prefer. I think I took a more photos this time around since the lightening was perfect (all natural lighting for this shoot) and I WAS WEARING MY LOVELY BRUISED LIPSTICK.

For some reason my hair looks darker in these photos. I'm not really sure why but I'm not complaining. When I uploaded one of these pictures on my Twitter everyone was asking if I had dyed my hair, if not, that I should! WAHHHHH I was really tempted to, and I still am but after dying my hair so often during high school I'm just too lazy for it. It's costly since my hair is so long and I prefer the feeling of natural hair... So, I'm looking into natural methods to tint my hair. Anyone tried black walnut??

Oh well, I'll leave you with the rest of my shots!

I'm starting my photography classes soon (in about a month!) and I have two really large social experiments to conduct this month (wish my luck) AND I have an exam pretty much every week till mid-March. I know a lot of you have a ton of exams on the same day so I won't complain or anything though. haha


Colour/Design: ♥♥♥♥○ I docked one since it's a film-y without make-up and even though it's not natural, I love the haunting effect.
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥○
Enlargement.:♥♥♥♥○ I prefer a 14ish.mm enlargement, which these are.
Overall: ♥♥♥♥○ I don't think any other in the bubble line are appealing but the grey is gorgeous.

I'm wearing Revlon's Colorstay foundation and although I'm an avid BB cream user, and have had this foundation for a while. I've finally understood the hype. It photographs SO well. So much better than any BB cream, and I've tried a lot. I bought this foundation to use just for contouring so it's darker than my regular shade. So I've been mixing it with my BBs and it's like a combination of heaven. Try it!

I miss you guys! I wish I could read your posts daily again.. that time will come soon enough though!
I've started to re-read Inuyasha and just started Tsuki no Shippo. I am addicted. Also, I love Dream High 2! Watch/read anything interesting lately? ^_____^

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