EOS Violet Lace Circle Lenses on Light Eyes (green) Review!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I think I want to introduce every post with a derp face. Gives me character. haha Anyway, back when I reviewed my last pair of lenses I talked about ordering another purple pair since I NEEDED (not want) purple lenses in my life. I think purple is becoming my second favourite colour. Of course it can't trump The King Orange, but, it's the Queen!

Read on for the review!

BAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! They are so fucking gorgeous I need to take a few seconds to give it a proper review. *breathes*

taken from my phone so not the best quality!

Okay, so it's called lace for the lace-like effect around the inner-outer rim. Does that make sense? Inner-outer rim? Annnnyway, they, like all my EOS lenses, blend so nicely with my natural eye colour. I personally feel like lighter eyes tend to have a hard time finding a good pair of lenses because you can clearly see where the lens starts (like my GEO Ash Wing pair) but unlike the EOS ones I've tried thus far!

You love that you can see me taking the photo can't you? haha
  There isn't a harsh surrounding start to the design, it's delicately printed to incorporate your natural colour. I wonder how these would look on darker eyes. They're very pigmented on mine, as you can see.

I feel like they're almost comparable to the Nudy series. ALMOST. They give the similar effect of having light areas in the end. They also don't have an over-bearing outer ring, so they look more natural... as natural as a pair of purple lenses could be. I'm itching to get these in green because I think they'd match my eyes really well... it's on my list! I did buy another pair which will arrive in a few weeks. :3

I bought them from Honeycolor.com (no more random tumblrs!) and found the customer service pleasant. It took them a little longer to process things but at least I know for sure they're legit. They came shipped in a secure box (sorry, I'll take a photo of it next time) with a card and a free animal case (IN YELLOW! MEANT TO BE). They were $18.30 + $7.00 shipping (which went up since I paid more for my most recent purchase. I also bought some rubber lens tweezers which.. I broke.. I don't know my own strength! Here is the exact link to the product.

left eye: bare; right eye: EOS purple lace
And before you say it, yes I love my natural eye colour but it's fun to switch it up every once in a while! I've never worn lenses outside of photoshoots, but I'm not saying I never would!

Product Specification

Usage Modality:  Yearly Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%


^cool looking alien
Colour/Design: ♥♥♥♥♥ My favourite design from all the lenses I've tried thus far
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥○ I actually contemplated wearing these out!
Enlargement.:♥♥♥○○ they're the right about of enlarging for me. I don't think the super large ones look good on me. I prefer this size.

^non-derp face Alien

Products used:
-Tonly Moly 3D Expert BB cream (review coming soon)
-F21 Bronzer & cream blush (review coming soon)
-NYX round lipstick in "Pumpkin Pie"
-L.A Colours jumbo pencil in "Tropical Bliss" and "Pool Party"
-BornPrettyStore upper lashes
-E.L.F Mineral Mascara
-Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in #2 (review coming soon)
-Eyeshadow from BH Cosmetic's #4 Shimmer palette
-BH Cosmetic's liquid liner

BONUS!************* I even made a video. haha I quickly did a set up.. I plan on getting some things worked out so I can have a proper work area and will be doing more videos.. most likely this wont happen till the summer though. I don't talk through this or anything, and I need to work on my camera settings since I made the video size quiet small BUT WHATEVER. WE ALL START SOMEWHERE! ^_~

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