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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey guys!! It's been a bit hasn't it? I'm still in the process of catching up on all your blogs (I will read them all!) I'm only about a day and a bit behind on posts so I'm getting there!!! In the mean time I wanted to introduce you to something awesome and ask a favour from you lovelies!

Firstly, to jam while reading this post, take a listen to The Dj Is Mine by the Wonder Girls. I'm currently addicted to this song and have been listening to it on repeat since it came out!

I bought the single and if you like it, here is the iTunes links: Canada, USA, I'm not sure of the other links but if you search on iTunes for Wondergirls I'm sure you'll easily find them! I went shopping the other day and about neon socks and a lime green neon shirt. Oh Yenny... I'm influenced far too easily..

Onto the favour! I entered a photo contest that Elisa from Memorable Days is hosting! I just got my new PURPLE lenses (review coming soon!) in and got super stoked to create something for the contest. Here is my photo and if you like it, please "like" my photo on her Facebook fan page!

I spent FOREVER editing this photo because I wanted to create an ad and wanted to look as realistic as possible! Don't judge the lenses or anything from the photo since it was probably altered a bit, wait for my reviews! There were things in the background that I had to edit out. I wanted to use natural lighting but we had a snow storm where I live and it was COLD! A window sufficed. XD Did I do a good job? ^^

My secret? Click here to find out. (Elisa also showed me this as well. haha thank you!)
Anyway, even if I don't win I had so much fun doing this, I'm really thankful she had a photo giveaway. I want to join more in the future! ^^

And just for giggles, here was the other photo I was thinking of editing but didn't since I find the cell phone picture to be superior but.. not as cute! haha

I hope you guys have a lovely week and if you're doing exams, GOOD LUCK, if you're starting school, let's finish with our sanity still in tack, if you're working, I hope you start your days with a smile!

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