Cherry Culture Haul: NYX, L.A Colors and Jordana Swatches

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I finally did it. I made my first purchase over at Cherry Culture! If you don't already know, Cherry Culture has an array of makeup, many of which isn't available in Canada and is CHEAP. Just up my alley! haha I never shopped from there because shipping is a bit pricey as well as some bad customer service reviews, mainly directed at shipping to Canada. That freaked me out. I don't want to pay 50$+ on a package and not have it arrive! They were surprisingly fast once they shipped my packaged, I think it was just two weeks (over Xmas, which is why I'm surprised it didn't take longer. I was expecting to wait a month!). Took a little over a week of processing.. is that normal? It wasn't until I complained on twitter to them that it actually got shipped. Anyway, jumbo pencils first, then lippies!

I bought eight jumbo pencils, swatches inside!

The jumbo pencils go for $1.5/pencil on CC. WOW.  I chose these ones since they're cheaper than the NYX jumbo pencils and I had a feeling that quality was the same. I DID however buy lBack Bean and Milk from NYX. I figured if there was any shades that I had to get in case the L.A ones weren't good would be those two. I will say I do find the packaging for the NYX pencils to be more sleek. I don't have a problem with the look of these pencils but they kind of remind me of markers..

I haven't worn the NYX ones yet so I can't compare but I have worn the L.A shades and they're lovely! Very pigmented and my only complaint is that they're not very long lasting. They work best with eye shadow on top to seal them. Even my Urban Decay Potion Primer couldn't make them last a whole day. I figure that's normal for cream shadows, which I don't normally work with but recently have been attracted to. Is it a new trend or is it just me? First picture is with natural light.


Spring is a lovely light gold shade which sadly didn't show up too well in these pictures, but they're a nice light light colour for your inner eye corners. I've used all the darker/purple shades (Tropical Bliss and Vacation) and am fond of them all, mainly Sand Castles though. Pretty in Pink looks more lilac in person, I've used it as a highlight on my inner eye corner and loooved it. It's a nice difference from your typical white.
Pool Party, Popsicle and Limeade were bought mainly because they inspire me to make some creative make-up look and have photoshoots. I'm really into block, matte eye colours at the moment and thought these would suffice -they do. They're super pretty!

Overall: I would re-buy.. unless the NYX jump pencils last a whole day. I do really love all the colours I got and wish to have them all! Watch out for these on some of my looks soon! They glide right on, smooth like butter! I love that consistency. My only question is... how do I sharpen these? the packaging is plastic and I have a hunch their pencil sharpener wont do it!
Onto the lippies!

This stuff really is matte! I don't think the photo above does it justice at all. It was a light application and another go would make it darker. It's a lovely cranberry colour. Mad love it. The thing about the Jordana lippy is that it has this really sweet scent to it that the NYX lipsticks lack. I like it but others may not. The packaging looks a little cheap but ... it kind of is. lol They're only $1.49 and usually on sale

It doesn't suit the make-up I was wearing but I wasn't going to change my whole look for a quick shot (sorry, lazy I am)!

NYX round lipsticks! They're $4.00 @ CC but usually are on sale.. Circe is my absolute favourite nude shade lipstick. It blends perfectly with my skin tone. This isn't the first time I've tried it.. it's actually my second tube. I bought a bunch of nude NYX lip colours and this one matched me the best.

I bought Pumpkin Pie because it has the word pumpkin in it, so obviously I associate it with the colour orange and MUST BUY!!! haha I actually don't like it that much.. I can't really explain why though. It just doesn't look right on me... but of course it looks good in the picture below so you wont believe me but it's the camera okay. Makes everything look amazing.

 I bought this because I wanted a bunch of purple shades. It's the lighter purple out of the ones I bought so it's more suitable for everyday.

MY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVOURITE!!!! If you have me on Twitter, you've already seen me express my love for this colour. It's a delicious dark plum colour. I've fallen in love, no lie. It's very "goth" and takes a lot of confidence to wear it out mostly because I think people are definitely going to have some thoughts but........ I DON'T CARE. I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.


Swatches! First photo is natural light, the second is with flash.

Also, just letting you guys know in advanced but I'm taking five courses this semester, 4/5 are science related so... I wont have much of a life! I'll be trying my best to take a bunch of pictures in one go and writing anything up when I have time. Also, I will make sure to keep up on blogs and leave you guys comments but it just may take me a little bit. c:

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