Astrology: a pseudo-science that pisses me off

Friday, January 06, 2012

This post is dedicated to my dear friends Wendy, Jess and Alex a.k.a "Twix" ♥♥♥

I used to be BIG on zodiac signs. Like I could recite what each personality should roughly be, the dates, the order, the signs... EVERYTHING. Until I hit university and took an astronomy class with Dr. Reid whom, I fell in love with. lol Nerdy AND cute? Yeah, intelligence is so sexy. ;) He had some odd obsession with octopi which transferred to me... so now I love everything octopus related and octopi is my favourite English word.

Photo by Yumcha

I don't like eating octopus anymore because they're such beautiful, terrifying, intelligent creatures! ANYWAY, GETTING OFF TRACK..

I have friends on Twitter and Facebook that retweet/share their horoscopes of the day, descriptions of their sign..whatever and I can't help but think back to my class and being explain how astrology is a pseudo science! The thing I remember the most about why it's a pseudoscience is that you can't verify or falsify astrology, therefor it can't be a science since science needs to be able to be tested! that is, of course, a very simple explanation but I can't find my beloved astronomy textbook anymore (probably replaced by linguistic texts) but a quick google search comes up with plenty results.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why it annoys me but it does. Why do you think I want to know about your sign? Why do you keep shoving it in my face? If we weren't friends I would delete you off of any social network asap (oh the technology generation...).

Personally I don't believe it because a) half of the things they describe each zodiac sign as can pretty much relate to anyone. You're basically talking about everrryyyyone. There's no basis of it and I can't believe people go out about their days doing, or not doing things based on their freaking horoscopes! WHAT THE HEEEELLL!

 Photo from Tattoos-and-Art

Don't even get me started with zodiac tattoos. Why the hell would you permanently put your zodiac sign on your body? I don't understand it. Someone please explain this to me, honestly. I could POSSIBLY forgive something small but LOOK HOW HUGE THAT ONE IS! Omg, must stop looking, burning my eyes (the actual application looks nice though, good job tattoo artist).

I guess the only thing I can understand that astrology does is bring together a group of people. Albeit by means I don't agree with, but it allows people to share their super awesome traits only their sign has! Okay, okay. It's a bonding thing, I guess. But don't bond with me over it!

I'm a pisces by the way. Hit me up Cancer and Scorpio signs, I need some lovin by my ultimate connecting signs!

What are your thoughts on astrology and zodiac signs?

After some discussions with Yacchi, I'm considering maybe I used the wrong terminology in this post. I'm more annoyed with horoscopes than I am with the actual aspect of astrology.

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