OOTD Outfit of the day!

Went grocery shopping and mall browsing with my bud Eric. I wanted to attempt to make Vegangela's "Neat" Balls so I had to go buy supplies. We ended up going too late that it'll be dinner instead of lunch but whatever. I also bought supplies to make homemade falafel!!! So excited, hopefully they turn out okay, I don't have a food processor but I do have a Magic Bullet!!! haha

We goofed off because we missed our bus. IT LEFT A MINUTE EARLY OKAY I TIMED EVERYTHING OUT PERFECTLY!!! I don't actually tower him, he's slouched for some reason. Maybe he likes being a shorty, ha!

Anyway, the outfit:

The skirt is from a Suzy Shier outlet and I LOVE it. It's wonderfully comfortable and soooo soft, I believe it was only 10$.
Top: Urban Behaviour
Necklace: Costa Blanca
Belt: Costa Blanca

I bought L'Oreal Sublime Bronze glove!!! I have a shoot in mind but I want to be a little tan for it. It was on sale so I figure might as well. I'll take pictures and write a review for that as well.


OOTD Outfit of the day!

Went to the CNE yesterday strictly to shop. TBH I was pretty disappointed, I find there is better outlet shopping on Orfus Rd. but I was hanging out with friends so that made up for it. I spent about $50 and bought three dress, one blouse and one vest. Two of the dresses were bought strictly for shoots, not sure if I'd wear it out, and one of the dresses, THAT I LOOOOVE, had the wrong tag.. IT'S A FLIPPING XS! Dammit! :( Hopefully I can sew it into something to salvage the pretty. (I'll attempt to edit/make a new post with pictures of what I bought). Anyway, here is today!

I just love the pattern on this blouse! I think this outfit costs $30 total. :D yea thrift shopping!


Long-distance relationships

How do you feel about them? Are you good at them? Though I can't talk about the romantic kind, I am FABULOUS at keeping up with friends who move away. I've had a ton of friends (sadly) move away and I can say I talk to most of them and consider them my closest friends. One of my closest moved away to B.C after grade eight, I went to high school without my best friend! I still remember the day we parted, well, I just remember giving her a hug goodbye and crying to myself in the car ride home. We had maybe one fight which resulted in us not speaking for a year but obviously we were mature enough to get over it. I'll call her G on here ;) So she's come to visit a few times, just recently did so and left the other day. I was really sad to see her leave and am trying to convince her to move here (she made the mistake of telling me she was contemplating it!).

Myself and G from a recent visit. Can't remember where we were going, I suspect shopping ;)

Another one of my good friends moved to Montreal in the middle of high school (what luck I have!). I've gone to visit her a few times (mmm poutine from Montreal) and I suspect her family likes me more than she does (they've given me the oh-so-lovely nickname Filo Pastry c: )... haha J/K I don't remember parting with her. I'm not sure if it was because I was older and had been through it before but we still talk. Not as often and G and I (we literally speak every single day) but this friend (calling her K from here on out!) and I send each other really awesome gifts to each other and video tape ourselves opening them up/reactions. I find this greatly amusing for reasons beyond anyone's comprehension. haha We don't always get along and have extremely different opinions on certain things but we still make it work!

Myself and K in Montreal about a year ago.

So non-existence-readers-atm-but-soon-to-grow, how do you fair in the long-distance game?

Oh and I feel like I'm famous by association. G dated Ryan Narciso who is pretty popular on YT for singing. He got flown to the Philippines and had a concert (or a few?) there, whoa!


Let's swim with the fishies!

So as I wait for my friend to fly in Toronto I had decided I wanted to do another avant garde make-up look. For some reason I was thinking about the pisces zodiac sign and koi fishes so I kind of went there. I'm still not perfect at photography make-up as the colour was more vibrant in person but whatever. I still like it.

I've been using this new condition by Tashodi, anyone out there heard of it? I picked it up at a local Winners and liked all that it had to offer.

  • made in canada
     Tashodi products are made in Canada, but we also source local ingredients & packaging as much as we can.
  • fair trade
     We buy fair trade certified ingredients as much as possible. Fair trade ensures farmers get paid a fair price for their crops, and that there is no exploitation.
  • naturally therapeutic
     We select ingredients carefully to ensure quality & therapeutic effectiveness.
  • free of sulphates
     Sodium laureth sulphate is a common foaming agent that is both a pollutant and skin irritant. Tashodi products are made with natural foaming agents.
  • free of parabens
    &nsbp;Parabens are common synthetic preservatives that have been connected to a number of health problems. This is why Tashodi products are naturally preserved.
  • naturally fragrant
     We use plant-based fragrance in the form of essential oils. Not only do these oils smell magnificent, but they contain healthy phyto-nutrients.
  • green power
     Our manufacturing plant & office is Bullfrog-powered, which means products are made using wind, solar & hydro power, and business practices remain green.

    I don't tend to focus too much on things like this but I really liked that it was made in Canada so I bought it. I was really surprised at how well it moisturized my hair! I rarely use heating tools on my hair nor do I put in product often so you'd think my hair would be super slick and amazing, but no. My hair is crap. I've bleached and dyed my hair countless times but I've stopped around 3ish? years ago and let my natural colour grow in (which is what you see in the photos). I should do a hair timeline with all the colours I've had. haha ANYWAY, my first time use I gave my usual Joico to my mother and started using this. I love it! My hair still needs more but this is exactly what it needs.
    I bought it for 9.99$ (STEAL, originally 30!!!), THANK YOU WINNERS!
    Sophie will be back soon and I'm going to force her to post about her trip and show us all the goodies she bought (she already sent me a preview pic and I'm JELLY!).

  • Welcome to the Masqurade!

    While Sophie is out in Spain and Italy I'm still here, stuck by my lonesome not surround by fabulous wine and foods. She's keeping a lookout for Sonohra memorabilia for me so I GUESS I'll let this one slide... seeing as she hasn't even edited her info in here. haha I AM THE SOLE BLOGGER! ....with no viewers really so I guess it doesn't matter! OH WELL! This blog is so Feelo centred because Sophie isn't around/isn't a camera whore so she doesn't have any photos to give me to edit in. lol You know what that calls for right? Photoshoot date!

    My last few photoshoots have been more about fashion rather than my original intention -make-up. I went back to my roots in this one and went to a masquerade! I know it's been done a ton of times but that doesn't mean I can't!! I had a lot of fun with this one, so hopefully you guys like what you see!

    Products used (without being overly specific, ask if you'd like shades):
    ElishaCoy Always Triple BB Cream
    L'Oreal On-The-Loose-Shimmering-Powder
    Gosh shadow
    Warm and colour palettes off eBay
    Gel liner off eBay
    Loose glitter from Coastal Scents

    And as always, you do not have permission to use these photos in any means unless stated otherwise or I've given you personal permission

    In other news, I got my third microdermabrasion session today. They upped the intensity and I liked it... that's weird isn't it? lol My esthetician said a quite a few people actually find it relaxing so it's not that far off. I've taken a before picture so once I'm finished all my sessions I'll be blogging about it. I'm really excited for that post, tbh, even though it may be very difficult to write!