Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Icy Nude & Random Venting

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I think this lippy has been raved about online a lot and I plan on add to that!

I was at my local Shoppers and noticed they had certain shades on sale.. I can't remember for how much (I honestly just picked it up and ran to the cashier with my other stuff since I was so excited... XD). Original I was a little saddened that there wasn't a pink or purple shade available but I quite like the colour I picked out.

This lipstick is surprisingly moisturizing. It's not something I was expecting, I love NYX round lipsticks but my lips seem to be forever exiled in chapped land. It's the biggest issue I have with my beloved Etude House VIP Girl lippy. I can't reapply without putting chapstick/lip primer on first! BUT, this Revlon lipstick is the one lipstick I can forgo the previous steps! *in love*

The colour wasn't my first pic but I've grown very fond of it. It's not exactly nude and I've never been a fan of "icy" shades since I'm not interested in making my lips shimmer by tiny glitter specs on my lips. The sparkles in this shade is very subtle though so I don't have any issues with it. It's not as nude as say "circe" or "orange soda" by NYX (which blends beautifully with my skin-tone) but it's a more noticeable nude. I don't hate it! I usually end up going for vibrant purple-reds, pastel pink or straight nude shades. This is a peachy nude which I think works great for an everyday shade.

Here is a swatch of the colour on a white piece of paper for a better colour match.

How Revlon describes the lipstick:
-Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel
-Elasticolor™ technology provides immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin
-Available in 20 gorgeous shades, including 5 new shades!
Revlon's website
I don't tend to notice any heavy feeling with any of my lipsticks, only with certain glosses and chapsticks. It delivers in that depo, but I think most lipsticks do.
And lastly, my favourite shot. I've been using new skincare products which I'll get to review soon and it's been doing WONDERS for my skin. 

Daily Life

The other day I was reading Emily's blog post about her lash reviews and was immediately draw to her photography, especially her ring light effect. I asked her what kind she was using and she kindly sent me a link. Turns out it's the exact one I have but I bought one size smaller! UGH. Wish I didn't, I thought the size I bought would be more than enough. IT IS NOT! So, I'm going to try and sell it (already got a potential buyer!) and buy the upgraded version. Yippe!!! ^_____^ In the meantime I've been playing around with my other lights trying to achieve this effect one of my friends (hello Sade!) really likes. I've not mastered it but I'm trying!

I had my last syntax class (for the semester) and I am SO terrified of taking the final. Studying linguistics makes me feel smart because most people don't know how it works, nor the science behind language (we study more than just English though that's our primary focus!) but it's SO difficult it equally makes me feel stupid. There are people in my class that get it so quickly and are just so smart, I can't help but to compare myself. Ah~ I'm satisfied if I can just keep my average mark there! Why is university so hard!? ><

I'm trying my best to keep up with all your blogs and comment on them, please don't mind if I don't get to you though! It's hectic around this time!


So I bought a pair of lenses and was complaining about them on Twitter, (mainly to Jen (NYBY) and Jen (With Love Jen)) because I didn't think they were real. I contacted GEO directly and they said they were real and the seller sent me a photo of their GEO account to prove it but OMG THESE LENSES ARE SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I can't even properly review them because I couldn't keep one in for more than a few seconds. Got it in and took it out right away.

I will say that 15mm is HUGE and makes me look like an alien. I greatly prefer 14(.5)mm.. I don't have a very good track record with GEO and maybe that's it... I  have one other pair for me to try but I feel so hesitant now... I think I'd rather just stick to EOS. ><

This is a pic I quickly snapped. LOOK HOW RED AND IRRITATED MY EYE LOOKS! That's only from a few seconds! arg. So sad..

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