Making You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy For Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I want to start off by saying that I'm so grateful for all my followers. I'm delighted I started blogging because it's really introduced me to amazing people. I've gotten to know a lot of you better through Twitter, and I hope that keeps growing. ♥♥♥

Christmas, to me IS ALL ABOUT THE FOOD! Someone in the family hosts a meal at their place. THE WHOLE FAMILY SHOWS UP. WHOOOLLLEE. It's a lot of people and personally I think whoever hosts it is insane for doing it. It's costly and SO much work. I'm more of a small family dinner kind of girl but they're the opposite. Every year I have issues though since it's mainly meat meals but since it's at my grandmother's house who lives near me I can easily leave early to eat. haha

(Pictures of my Christmas outfit under the cut as well)


Okay so these photos are from Easter and I wasn't too comfortable with taking pictures yet. THAT WILL CHANGE THIS CHRISTMAS. EXPECT FOOD PORN GALORE!

In My Tummy You Go is my food blog btw, feel free to follow. ^____^ 

I don't have a photo of my actual outfit (YET) but this is what I planned...


I did buy a high waisted, asymmetric, rust skirt that I originally intended to wear (it's longer and I might wear it, else I'll get comments from the relatives asking if I'm cold. No, I'm inside and live a few houses away from here! ^^)...
What are you doing for Christmas? Show me your outfits! SHOW ME YOUR FOOOOODS! ;)
Chances are I'll be online and bored at the fam jam so follow and entertain me on Twitter!

*update* I got the skirt in.. too big. :(:(:(:( The shirt is wonderful though!

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