Make-up Tip! Make your lipstick last!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So sorry I haven't been commenting. I've been really sick. I'm still recovering but I just wanted to tell you guys I plan on reading all your posts once I'm back to my normal health!! I got sick on Christmas day so I've been in bed.. even now I'm in bed but I decided to break out my netbook to catch up on your posts! We don't really do presents at my place so I wont bother with a THIS IS WHAT I GOT AS PRESSIES post. haha

I'm a big lipstick fan, I wear it pretty much everyday, I'm not too huge on glosses but I do use them occasionally. For Christmas I bought myself some make-up books and one that I was reading today ("Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of Professional Techniques and Wearable Looks") had this tip to not only outline your full lip with a lip pencil, but to fill it in with a pencill! This is a basic makeup rule, yet I didn't know it so I figure there are others out there who don't as well! 

I filled my lips with a lip pencil and just put a red (fresh) gloss from the Sephora brand on top. Worked for four hours and applied it an hour and a bit before work. Walked to work with light rain. IT STAYED ON ALL NIGHT!!!!! No smudge, no nothing! The gloss disappeared for the most part but wow. My lips didn't even feel dry and that never happens! Definitely happy with this tip, hope it works for you guys too!

Now, my lips may appear more fuller because I lined just above my natural line for my top lip as mentioned in the book. I'm bottom full but my top lip is small, so it's evened out! This is a look from the book as well. I used a pencil liner instead of my liquid, which I'm not used to. And am pleasantly surprised that I know how to work out. But I have a confession. I tried something new with my lashes...

I usually put mascara before falsies because personally I don't find they take to mascara well with falsies on top. Also, it's more sanitary to re-use falsies that don't have mascara on them already. I'm wearing Model 21 False Eyelashes No.40T btw. Didn't work so one eye looks a bit wonky. THEN..... I did a really stupid mistake............ I GOT EYELASH GLUE IN MY EYE. OMFG. Words cannot describe. lol washed my eye out right away! Thankfully nothing happened though. XD

I don't usually wear this bright of a red, I'm mainly a purple girl but I do really like it! I once read somewhere that a bold lip intimidates people, I can understand it. At work, we had some rude customers who usually just bitch at me when I'm explaining company policies but this time they just accepted what I had to say. LOL YES, I'M BLAMING IT ON THE LIPS. It would be amazing if the rude/grumpy customers weren't so grumpy/rude though! haha

Anyway, try this out and let me know how it works for you!

My big skincare post is coming up VERY soon, keep an eye out!

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