Geo Circle Ash/Olive Wing Blue Lens Review (On Light Eyes)!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I ordered two pairs of lenses from Candy Jelly Circle Lenses, a relatively new group. It's a bulk ordering group so it takes a while to get them but the lenses are a bit cheaper. Now, when I first got the lenses I wasn't sure if they were real or not because they didn't come with a GEO authenticity sticker nor was the GEO brand name on the label. I was told that they didn't do the sticker anymore from the seller and I also contacted GEO questioning this and was told that they didn't print labels on the vials to the US because they were trying to get FDA approved... what? I sent them photos and they said they did believe the lenses to be real, so I will take their word for it.

p,s sup Krissy ;p~~~~~~

Now, the seller sent me a photo of their GEO account to prove they were legit and I do believe them (even though the first pair I got were defective.. or something) but I honestly am not sure how I feel about GEO as a company.... I've now tried three of their lenses and I'm not exactly fond of them. Why can you get GEO lenses so cheap but not others? I paid 26.5$ total for two with a promotion from Candy Jelly.

The reason we did not put GEO logo on the label was that GEO is currently on the process of US FDA approval.
Therefore, it is ideal that we do not expose our name until the approval.
We export our products to US with indication Prime as the manufacturer who is GEO’s sister company.
There is no difference in quality and service.
We hope you understand.
Thank you.
Well okay, I guess? How are consumers supposed to know the lenses aren't real if they're not putting stickers nor the GEO brand on the label? Anyway, I will try to be as unbiased as I can for the actual lens review.

I got Ash Wing in blue, the design looks really neat in the stock photo that's circling the net. I didn't know how it would show up on my green eyes though, but hey, I was going to find out! It didn't take me very long to put one in my eye. My eye watered a little bit (which it usually doesn't with my EOS) but it was relatively comfortable. I tried putting my left eye contact in but it BURNED. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic, it stung a little. My eye was turning a little pink so I took that out faster than you could say onomatopoeia! Did I buy yet another defective pair? Even if I did, I don't feel like contacting the group for an exchange.. I just don't like the brand enough...

The left side has the lens in, and the right is without. Top without makeup, below with. Both with natural light. The rest of the photos will be with only one lens in, sorry!

The colour is actually quite dark unless you're hit with natural light. It's a really nice soft blue as you can see in the white case but on it's more of a royal blue. I like the colour, wish it would make my eyes lighter rather than darker though (asking too much? haha)

All those comments I've left you saying how I'm a purple fan and wear purple lipstick often. Yeah, I wasn't lying! I love (dark) purple lips!

The design is pretty simple and that's what I like about it. The outer rings aren't overly dark nor are they IN YO FACE. They're more subtle than other designs out there and I appreciate the softness of it.

Comfort: Well, excluding the one lens that stung, it is relatively comfortable. I couldn't imagine  wearing them for more than a few hours though. Enough for a shoot and that's it but, I didn't tempt this out so I wouldn't know. I wore these for about an hour and felt fine.

Overall: I don't dislike them nor do I love them. They don't look very natural on me as you can see my green eyes seep through the centre parts but I do think I could have used them for neat looking shoots if the other one wasn't defective. So, they're alright! I don't think I would repurchase any GEO lens though. Other brands make similar designs, I'll probably stick with EOS as it's my comfort zone.. I've tried three GEO lens total and I had issues with all three.

Colour/Design: ♥♥♥♥○ I like the design and the colour is nice even though it may not suit me the best.
Comfort: ♥♥♥○○ rating solely from the one contact I wore, the other one gets a zero.
Enlargement.:♥♥.5○○ they're not super enlarging, but when I wore the 15mm pair.. they looked TOO big, so I do prefer this size/the size of my Max Pure (14.5~.8mm).
Overall: ♥♥♥○○

Also, here is a funny photo I put together when I showed G my other pair.. she made this comparison. 

I ordered a new pair of violent lenses (because I need purple dammit! ...and pink!) and I'm SUPER pumped!!!!! I wont tell you which one I bought though! :P:P

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