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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Three posts in one! Guess this makes up for my lack of? lol It's Christmas, so my best is about once a week but I bought some make-up books and am just busting with ideas so I'll be taking a lot of photos! In the meantime, the purpose of this post was to write a review of some new lashes I bought from bornprettystore.com Top AND bottom!! I've been asking people to send me links of tutorials on how to apply bottom lashes (because I suck) but I think I did a decent job this time round... still accepting links though! haha

Just wanted to show that not all my photos are nice looking. haha Another derp inside! (you know you're curious!)

First up, the top lashes. These are the ones I bought..


Click the image to be sent to the page, or click here!

I bought these for $4.98. Yes, less than five dollars. TOTALLY EFFING WORTH IT! They're my new favourite lashes. The band is a little thicker than the princess lashes I bought and Model 21 lashes but I don't care because I like them THAT much. They don't feel as light as a result but it's nothing uncomfortable. 

They look natural even though they're super long. I'm very into this design.. As you can see my natural lashes are pretty short.

Both in.
Next up are the lower lashes.

I bought these for $7.28 they were expensive to me since I didn't know if I'd like them considering my poor track record with putting bottom lashes on.. I think I did a pretty decent job though!

These are super light and although I personally found them a bit difficult to put on, I'm sure the pros could put them on in two seconds flat. I really like this design. I feel like my make-up is so gal in these shots.. haha

I wear those bunny ears whenever my hair is super flat. lmao You can't tell since I'm deceiving you with the bunny ears!

If you follow me on Twitter... I FOUND MY WATCH!!!! So happy. I decided to wear orange shadow today from the warm palette off eBay. I'm wearing "Iris" from NYX round lipsticks.

Derp part two!

Overall: I love them both and will be repurchasing!

So I got an e-mail today about this site http://www.iCaughtSanta.com and LOL it's so hilarious. Basically what it is, is a site where you can create an image of "catching" Santa in the act (a.k.a sneaking presents under the tree/filling up the stockings). IN YOUR HOUSE. It's a pretty neat idea if you have children. But I'm lol'ing at the first preview image they listed as what you can create...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this picture hilarious. I want to get one myself and hang it around my room! haha
In three simple steps anyone can upload a holiday photo, add Santa Claus and print it as proof… or share it via Facebook and Twitter. Last-minute shoppers can purchase Gift Cards and eGift Certificates for loved ones with children, making iCaughtSanta.com a great gift idea even if you don't have kids yourself.

I've been tagged again! This time from Jen (NYNB), I've already done the random facts a few times so I'm just going to answer the questions. And not tag anyone because I'm a REBEL! ;p

1- What 5 beauty products can you NOT live without?
BB cream/light foundation (specifically my Scinic OII EX), Lioele's Secret Pore Primer (ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!), Hydroxatone's AM PM cream, Lipstick.... I don't have an absolute favourite right now but purple and nude shades, Almay liquid liners (I've been using this liner for years).

2- How long have you been blogging for?
This blog is fresh... Since August ('11) but I've been blogging for about 6 years on Livejournal and had little blogs before that. Yeah. Blogger for life? lol

3- What's the best beauty tip you've ever gotten?
Don't hide behind your make-up. It's not an application tip at all but I think it's something important anyone who uses make-up should remember. I'm not talking about wearing a ton of make-up, I'm talking about being confident with yourself first.

4- If you had to choose, the love of your life or your career? 

Oh man................................................... I don't really have either right now so I don't know how to answer this. lol I would PROBABLY say................................ uh.. JEN THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION WTH!!!!! haha okay... love of my life (Where U At CB?).

5- What's your biggest pet peeve?

LOL I HAVE SO MANY! The first thing that comes to mind is when people mix up there, they're, their, or your and you're. I hate when customers don't respond to my questions or say hello after I greet them.

6- What fashion or beauty trend do you not understand/hate?
VELVET. I HATE VELVET WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nope, has nothing to do with my haptodysphoria....

7- If you could only eat one food & drink for the rest of your life, what would they be?
AHHHHH another hard one! Okay.... bread.. or broccoli (lol can't decide) and water (unless water is exempt.. then I'd choose wine!)

8- If you could have one super power, what would you want?
To duplicate anything I'd want by mind and touch. That way I could go to stores and just touch the things I want and not pay. lmao foreverapoorstudent

9- What's your favourite season?

10- What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
Sing in front of a large number people? I don't think I've done too many daring things, at least things I'd consider daring.

11- Which holiday do you love the most? (Christmas, New Years, Valentines, Easter etc)
Thanksgiving. YOU WEREN'T EXPECTING THAT WERE YOU?! I love Thanksgiving because it doesn't mean a HUGE gathering with all my family. Which means I can cook and I love to cook!

Meet my cat. He decided to jump on my seat before I started taking pictures. Obviously my cat is a cam whore, too! haha 

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