Nail Foils off of eBay, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Dupe!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Yeah, I'm re-using a picture. Sue me! Okay so I decided to buy some nail foils off of eBay because I think it's pretty ridiculous to pay $10 for nail stickers... that's one hour of minimum wage page here! I don't know how much Minx costs but I'm sure I don't want to find out. lol

I bought a few sheets from the seller easy88shopping off eBay, here is the exact listing for the ones I bought. They sell for  $1.79/sheet. Yeah, quite the difference from the other two, isn't it?! I decided that I couldn't really go wrong with these.

I wore them for maybe eight days before taking them off. These photos are about five days in. You can see the nail tip starting to wear but I never put any top coat on top, which I assume will make the sheets last longer. Besides that I honestly think they'd last longer than two weeks. In fact taking them off of some nails was difficult because the glue is really strong!!

Now, from the listing it almost appears as the designs are on a white sheet, but they in fact are not. They are on a silver foil. I wasn't exactly thrilled about that but I got countless compliments on how neat my nails looked whenever I worked or went out!

My only complain was that some of the nail pieces are just TOO LARGE. You can see from the photos before of the other designs I bought.. The ones to the very right.. I just can't picture it fitting on the average female nails! I found it difficult to fit them on some of my nails actually and it was difficult trying to file the sides down!

Because I bought so many sheets (two others not included), I received some little other gifts from the seller as well as they were having some promotion. Anyway, I would definitely re-buy for this price. I was over-all very happy.

Said store has some Christmas foils up. Also noticed that the pictures show they're silver foil now and not white, yay! My favourite:

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