GOSH Cosmetics Quattro Eye Shadow in 'Rain Forest' REVIEW

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It may not be known yet but I've turned into a GOSH fan ever since Shoppers has been putting some of their products on sale. I've tried their foundation (which was on sale because they've discontinued it I believe) and loooved it (though I got the wrong shade). When I'm finished my BB creams I'm going to try their newest foundation. In a proper shade, ha!

I got the Rain Forest palette and it's the second eye shadow from GOSH that I've tried. I LOVE it. It's so pigmented and the colours are just gorgeous (okay.. the photo above doesn't show the colour as much as it shows me but more pictures of those coming up!).

There is a blue, green, yellow and orange colour. I haven't really used the green (I tend to not like green since I have green eyes... seems like overkill to me!) and I've used mostly the yellow and orange (ha.. remember my last post? ;)). The colours are great for both day or night looks! The colours are a bit shimmery but it's not overkill, very subtle.

 I took these photos on Halloween right before my Syntax exam (which I did well on, thanks for the wishes! ^^) so I told people it was my simple candy corn look.. people actually showed up in costume! My mind was blown  because my university is pretty serious. My prof even showed up in a witches hat and handed us chocolate when we handed in our tests!! It was in the evening after all, so it's only fair! haha

Okay, back to the review. GOSH Cosmetic describes the quattro shadow as such:
"Quattro Eye Shadow is produced with a new technology allowing the use of ultra fine pearl- and micro pigments. With this production procedure you get a remarkable intensity of color in the base with fine micro pearl effects. This technique is also able to refine the matte color particles further so that they end up looking like velvet, making the colors very durable. GOSH Quattro Eye Shadow is fragrance-free " - http://goshamericas.com/eye.asp
 The listing price is $18 (may be more expensive for Canadians?) but I got it on sale for half that.  \(^▽^@)ノ I love when I find sales.. I think what surprised me the most was how pigmented the colours actually were and secondly how long they lasted even without an eyeshadow primer.

Overall, I would re-purchase. It is a bit expensive so I would probably try and find it on sale. I find the colour gorgeous and long lasting. I can't wait to try other things from GOSH cosmetics!

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