Princess Lashes Review!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I made my first purchase order through a little while ago. I bought Velcro hair bumps, Lashes and some matte purple polish. I'll be reviewing each of them but I decided to give the lashes a separate post (in reality I just forgot to take pictures of the others ><).

I got the lashes on sale for $4ish dollars, originally they're $8.54 (what's with the random cent amount? lol). Normally I use Model 21 lashes and didn't think too much of these. I've bought a bunch of cheap lashes from ebay that are synthetic that I like but I didn't even pay attention to the category these were in, 'handmade silk'! THEY'RE SO SOFT TO TOUCH!! I was amazing! The pattern isn't necessarily something I would choose normally but I do quite like it.

Fake lashes really do make a difference!! The eye with these lashes looks more dramatic and sleek. I definitely like them.

They are a bit long but I was going for a gal look so I didn't bother trimming them. They aren't too natural but they're not exactly very dramatic either. Perfect centre? haha Also, here I am showing off the nail foils I bought off eBay. Their post is coming soon as well!!

 I found them comfortable and incredibly light! They are quite long though, as most fake lashes are. I think trimming the length would look better on me. All in all I think they are worth the price and I am torn between this brand and Model 21 lashes now! I'll just have to have boxes of both! ^^

I'd give them a 4/5, loosing a point since the design isn't my favourite. You can purchase them here.

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